Donation Appeal for the WAA

Hello dear folks. Maybe some of you know the WAA. The WAA is an Open Project Space in Düren-Gürzenich, not far from the Hambach Forest. (See Will be opened in a new tab.) It was founded in 2011 and from there the Hambach Forest was occupied for the first time. Since then, it has provided an important support structure for activists in the Hambach Forest. But the WAA faces bigger money problems. For the project to exist at least 4000 € are needed until the end of the clearing season. We are grateful for every little contribution to keep this wonderful project alive.

Please transfer your donation to: Förderverein des Jugendumweltnetzwerkes „Für eine klimagerechte Zukunft“ e.V.
Bank GLS
IBAN DE72 4306 0967 4080 428 100

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