Manwahe Going Up at 8am on Monday to Wed(at least)

Today support groups applying for a manwache(vigil) permit for Mon-Tues on the secu road have been denied the permit with the reason cited by the police being: the “road to the security-point” will start tomorrow being locked by RWE, because of use by heavy trucks and should remain free because it is an emergency route.

Severely restriction in our right to assembly could indicate that RWE and the police intend to become active tomorrow and monday.  Those statements could also be disinformation intended to burn out the support structures in a struggle that will last for at least next 4 months.

Vigil with info and welcome will be going up between Buir and the Hambacher Wald at the intersection of the country roads L257 and L276. It is is a good access point and in-between poing from the rail station in Buir.  The Manwache will be functioning from 8 in the morning for at least Mon to Wed.

See You There!

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  1. Anna Bokstrom

    Iwas in Hambach last week and will come back 5/12.
    Since Swedish pension funds invest in RWE II want to make a report on what’s going on and how RWE is violating the occupant. Is there a way to get photos from the manvache and important happenings during this coming week since I can’t be there at this important moment.It would be great if we could use that at Fossil Free’s HomePage and in an article.

    Sincerely Anna

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