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Today RWE was facing a deadline on accepting the BUND’s offer to stop cutting the Millenarian Hambacher Forest.
Day before this deadline, yesterday they agreed not to cut the forest during the 2017-2018 cutting season. It has been received with relief and sense of celebration to realize that this winter the forest will not be full of cops while trees fall and die all around. This is combined with full knowledge that it does not mean a stop to large scale repressive actions directed at the climate-justice movement in Germany, Rhineland and Hambacher Forest. It also does not mean moving away from climate destroying coal and lignite in NRW or in other countries with more coal power plants coming online around the world. Continuation of this destructive process seems to also be on RWE’s agenda since by not letting the case go to arbitration next week and having an expert decide on the matter of whether the forest deserves a status of protected natural habitat they left the option open to resume cutting the next year and to legitimize tree-house evictions even more. Protected under Natura2000 status could have also ironically have been used to call for and realize forest eviction. Either way the risk of evictions has not decreased especially since RWE aligned newspapers and journalists are publishing a frenzy of fear mongering articles and commentaries about to the forest and the cops continue to attempt to decrease the surprising strength and unity of the movement by putting forth “no win” ultimatums. So keep your support structures and attention active and visit us in the forest for Sunday radical breakfast and walk at 11:00 the supporter celebration party on “Secu” Road or just drop by anytime especially around holidays to enjoy food, music and the forest with the Eco Theorists, Theorizing and putting into practice a reality of another World being possible for the last 5 years. Big thank You to all that have been on the front line or supported them during that time.

How you can support us:

We ask the press people to call us, before you come and visit us.
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12/14 According to this article by the regional channel WDR the logging can be continued at the earliest from October 2018. For the time being, RWE has not received a clear-cutting permit from the state of NRW. Reason to celebrate!

>12/14 Deforestation stopped until 12/31/2017: Press release OVG (Higher Administrative Court) in German
Statement B.U.N.D. in German

12/13 NRW share in the week until December 14, 2017. On the 13th at 13:13 the course starts to fall. Are the stockbrokers superstitious or did they know that the stock can no longer be held after the settlement has been accepted (by B.U.N.D., see below, then by RWE, see above)?

BUND accepts the settlement (see December 1) on the condition that the expert to be appointed is truly independent. According to the proposal for a settlement, the defendant (North Rhine-Westphalia) should have an expert report clarify whether the forest, with regard to the Bechstein’s bat, fulfills the criteria for an FFH area. (area under special European protection)
The parties have until 15.12.2017 to agree (or not) to the settlement.
See also the legal info on the complaint of BUND

Today was solidarity day for the Hambi. Thanks to all!

12:00-17:00 Radical Walk with Suporter breakast and tree rescue actions.

12:00 Meditation Walk

14:00 Another tripod set up at an undisclosed location


The Higher Administrative Court made a settlement offer:
“The Higher Administrative Court has today submitted a settlement proposal to the parties in the matter of Hambach Forest. It stipulates that RWE Power AG will not carry out any further deforestation and clearing measures in the contested area in the Hambach Forest until December 31th, 2017, and that the defendant Land will obtain an expert opinion as to whether the wooded area , with regard to the Bechstein bat, fulfills the criteria for an FFH area.”

Minor inquiry in the case from the year 2013

from 10:00 Aktuelle Stunde /actual hour) in the regional parliament about the Hambach forest. Livestream.


18:00 A helicopter is hovering persistently over the forest.

17:36 The contact cop said that today and tomorrow there will be no more police actions, the he went away.

17:15 It’s getting dark and it just does not seem like there’s gonna be an eviction today. About 60 people are on site and are happy about the just arrived food.

14:00 The person is free again.

12:30 RWE security guards detain a person near Manheim, who probably has a press card. They blocked the access road to the former motorway slip-road.

ca 9:00 Once again, a helicopter harassed human and nonhuman beings in the forest.

November 28th 2017

06:00 pm Party on the Secu road! Come along, here are music and drinks 🙂

05:00 pm The higher administrative court takes the case and it might take days, weeks or months… Until then, hambi stays!

04:00 pm The BUND NRW e.V. submitted a juridical application wich forces RWE to stop the cutting for a certain period of time. We are still researching if the cutting break takes for few weeks or if it will end tomorrow.

02:53 pm The green finger of Ende Gelände tries to get past the policemen and to get into the pit.

02:00 pm the person on the tree got evicted but is already free again.

01:12 pm RWE security calls an activist “cute slut”. The surrounding police just laughs.

12:48 pm The green finger of Ende Gelände is now starting to get active.

10:30 am Climbing specialists and regular police are going to evict the person who climbed the tree in the cutting area with a pallet transporter/ forklift.

10:45 am More Police and Securities are on the security road in the north, a digger has been sighted.

10:05 am Cutting is done 10m (~32.8ft) away from the tree which the person climbed up. That means, RWE is consciously putting this human in live danger.

9:35 am Roughly 30 Police men/women arriving in the forest near fuchur

9:12 am A helicopter is hovering over the forest.

8:55 am The barricades on the securitystreet got destroyed. Eviction vehicles arrived. Lifting ramps haven’t been seen yet.

8:20 am One person managed to climb a tree in the cutting area. Cutting vehicles arrived. Protesting people and Ende Gelände are at our locations.

8:18 am Two or three people in the cutting area. Roughly 22 police cars and four security cars near Deathpop.

November 27th
general info:
there is a daily protest vigil/picket from 8:00 – 17:00 at the crossing of Werkstraße with the road to Morschenich. Telephone: 0152 18 99 50 45

9:17 beautiful trees are being transported away from the border of the mine, at the level of the occupied forest

9:00 Cutting has started northeast of the old highway, protected by police and factory security sevice, media representatives have been told to leave

8:40 police at the train station and at the road from Buir towards the mine

8:20 7 vans and 4 vehicles from the security firm are parked near deathtrap (near the parking place Mahnheimer Bürge). 3 security workers are inspecting the trees to the entrance of the forest

8:00 3 copvans are parked at the crossing between the Werkstraße and the road that goes to Morschenich and they controll vehicles. 1 police van is on the end of the Secu road, 2 on fields in front of the meadow, and one one the western end of the forest. The helicopter is gone.

7:00 a police helicopter is hovering over the western part of the occupied forest

6:30 a.m. 18 police vans are on their way from Morschenich to the forest. 2 heavy transporters reached the eastern part of the secu road (used to be L276), mobile phone reception is still working. Random identity controls to be expected.

November 26th

01:15 p.m. All activists have been released from the presentation.
09:20 The presentations before the magistrate start at 11:30 in Düren.

November 25th

22:30 3 prisoners remain in custody overnight and will be presented tomorrow (time still unknown) to the committing magistrate (the one who decides if they have to stay in custody or not).

21:00 The police refuse to give out any information about the prisoners as well as to give them the number of their lawyer. As the responsible official is asked for his name, the line is interrupted. Law probably does not apply to those who are tasked with its enforcement.

5:25 p.m. Finally we were able to contact all the prisoners.

5:20 p.m. One of the arrested people was only allowed to telephone now, more than twelve hours after the arrest.

04:10 p.m. One more activist released, three still in custody. Although people were waiting outside the police HQ, the cops brought him to the other end of Aachen.

03:00 p.m. One more activist released. Four are still in custody.

02:30 p.m. One activist was released.

01:00 p.m. Some information in the earlier ticker has been corrected (deliberately false information by police). The railroad blockade is completely evicted, it is not sure since when. Already very early, paramedics were arrested, this information reached us only now because they were not allowed to call us. All activists from the rail blockade are in police custody in Aachen. Come along and show your solidarity!

11:30 Police and Secus withdrawn from the forest.

11:00 Barricades were built near the exit of the former motorway behind the earth ramparts. The police tried to stop this, both police and activists have withdrawn. Several barricades were erected.

10:35 3 Police vans in Miketown.

10:10 Many Secus at Miketown, police protection spotted for the clearing work.

09:55 Security near people at a barricade at Miketown.

09:50 Two further clearing machines spotted near Miketown, driving east.

09:45 Machines withdrawn after successful blockade.

09:20 RWE begins to clear the undergrowth near Miketown.

09:20 Police are at a tree house at the edge of the forest. Three police vehicles.

08:45 The rail blockade is still standing. The technical unit seems to be stuck in a traffic jam.

08:30 There is still no contact with the blockade, but the tracks are still blocked.

06:50 The contact to the blockade is broken off.

06:00 The police requests to dissolve the blockade.

05:50 The security service wants to check all the sections of the Hambach Railroad.

05:40 About 20 cops at the blockade. They still seem pretty haphazard.

04:50 Security calls the police and explains how to get there.

04:45 Three cars of the security service spotted.

04:40 Several activists have blocked the tracks of the Hambach Railway. The coal train stands. On Indymedia, you can find this action statement.

02:00 According to uncertain sources, a transformer was set on fire. But we don’t have evidence for it.

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  1. Good resistance to you all
    In France for now, we are going to talk about hambach forest destruction and resistance on our radio program. With you by heart / Earth.
    Good luck

  2. Thanks for fighting for our planet Earth. Respect and Love to You.

  3. Wow Thanks from the forest for all the support from outside. Now get your packs ready and drop by Hambi or your regional Zad, occupation or struggle 🙂

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