NRW Parliament: Pro-Hambi Demo Outside, Inside Bullsh*t

Today before noon North Rhine Westphalian Parliament conducted a debate concerning Hambi.  During which 30 plus activists stood outside chanting, dancing to stay warm to a mobile soundsystem and fliered those passing and bicycling by.  The atmosphere  was festive and jovial while inside for  over an hour AFD, SDP and FDP attempted to delegitimize and criminalize not just those in the Forest but also the  supporters standing outside.  AFD used the word criminal almost in every sentence. This is reflective of left parties leaving the parliament and the discussion shifting to the right with all centrist parties playing catchup.  This is the atmosphere in which hate literature such as the flier below

was circulated on the floor of the parliament…

In the process all main rulling parties become not just complicit in millions of global deaths(as conservatively estimated by the freaking World Health Organization) due to particulates and climate change but also responsible for  fueling the pro-RWE and Coal Propaganda, criminalization of activism and for future waves of deforestation, CO2 dumping and repression to ensue in Hambacher Forest, Mine and the region in general.

Until  the system that is based on profiteering and state violence is changed no positive decission can come from capitalist institutions whichcon will only continue to protect RWE’s profits and maintain the veneer of the spectacle of “democratic”(most of germans are for coal exit –  rulling coalition pro-RWE) process.

So take advantage of this break to pack your back-pack and supplies and organize an affinity group in your area to resist RWE, evictions and Global Exploitation!

Hambi Bleibt & F*ck RWE!

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