Cable fire at the opencast mine

We found this article at indymedia:

On 12/24/2017 we set the cables on fire that supply the Hambach open-pit mine with electricity. So at least some of the huge machines were halted there. The cables were in this case at the viewpoint on the open pit (near Terra Nova).

The Hambach mine is a hole that is larger than Cologne, in which is dug for lignite (brown coal). The burning of this coal emits an incredible amount of CO₂ (as well as other things, such as arsenic, mercury, …), thus fueling climate change. Climate change has catastrophic consequences, such as droughts, floods and storms, causing many people to die or be deprived of their livelihoods.
In addition, for this open pit many people have to move out of their villages, as they have to give way to the opencast mining and the Hambacher Forst, an ancient, beautiful forest is being cut down.

Stop Coal now!

To RWE: Merry Crisis and a happy new fear!

TV report from 12/28/2017

Last week, a team from the German TV channel ARD was in the Hambach Forest. Their report was on television on Thursday, 12/28/2017, and now also at (high resolution)
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Although the language is German, you can get a good impression of the troubles on the secu road, at which the TV team accidentally was present, the day after the stop of the deforestation.
More info: Live Ticker Barricade Eviction 12/20
The film also shows the result of this year’s clear-cutting, which lasted only two days and the team also visited a tree house.

5 years ago, the district of Düren decreed the eviction of the meadow. A review

This e-mail was sent to us:

“State of the matter, 5 years after the delivery of the order by the building authority of the district Düren to vacate the meadow, on 12/24/2012:

  1. The excavator to remove the upper layers is still standing about 80 – 100 m away from the former alignment of the A4. Location: Ancient motorway A4 direction Düren, westernmost point!
  2. The former works road is given up and completely free, RWE probably resigned themselves to the loss of this road.
  3. Matthias Hartung, CEO of RWE Power AG, is “going to retire prematurely” this year.
  4. Peter Terium, CEO of the parent company of RWE Power AG and of RWE Innogy AG, is going to leave the RWE Group (became known 5 days ago).
  5. Matthias Hartung and Peter Terium should keep further damage away from the RWE Group. They will not be able to escape their possible responsibilities because of serious environmental crimes against the soil and groundwater, or because of the transfer of insolvency, just like the responsible politicians in North Rhine-Westphalia.

About the “jobs that depend on the Hambach opencast mine”

Not 60,000 jobs are endangered at the end of the open pit Hambach on 03/31/2018, but only less than about 800:

  1. Including the apprentices, only fewer than 800 people (estimated) are employed at the Niederaussem power plant.
  2. The employees of the Hambach open-pit mine (estimated, including the apprentices: approx. 700-900) will continue to be needed for years for the dismantling works of the Hambach mine and to restore the surface of the hole that will be left as required by law (BBergG).

Kerpen-Buir, 12/25/2017

Kurt Claßen“

Validity of the main operating plan without deforestation renewed until 3/31/2018

Press release of the district government Arnsberg

Original text

Validity of the main operating plan without deforestation renewed until 3/31/2018

By decision of December 20, 2017, the district government of Arnsberg, which is responsible for mining and energy in NRW, renewed the validity of the current main operating plan for the Hambach open-cast mine until March 31th, 2018. As a result of the licence, the continuation of lignite extraction will be secured also after 12/31/2017, thus ensuring the important supply of lignite to the power plants in the months to come.

In view of pending court proceedings, clearing and logging measures on wooded areas are excluded from the prolongation. In the period until the end of March next year, the issues relating to nature conservation legislation will be further intensively investigated and examined by the district government of Arnsberg. After that, the decision on the license until the end of 2020 of the next main operating plan will be taken.

Fruit Salad

Below you find a smorgasbord of news and announcements that reached us today. Despite the compact form, of course, every message is important and noteworthy.

First our web site had greetings supporting you, now we also have got a radio report from Rostock on the Hambi:
We would be pleased if you want to spread it!

Greetings from the coast!”

“Dear environmentalists,
We need your support! Only for half an hour.
Please come tomorrow at 11:55 am to the RWE Tower in Essen and express your solidarity for the preservation of the Hambach Forest.
By conserving the Hambach Forest, RWE must set a symbol for the exit from ligbite power generation and declare itself in favor of an RWE specific transition to renewable energies…
Open Street Map
In collaboration of BUND and Greenpeace there is a daily vigil at the RWE tower in Essen: “Two to twelve – Time to Rethink”. The topics: Hambach Forest, Coal exit, CO₂-Problem.” Duration about 30 minutes.
More info

“Let’s make (hi)story together!

We invite you to an interactive fairytale evening on Friday, December 22, 2017. We take the winter solstice as an occasion for a fairytale evening of a different kind: At the beginning, a story is read out. Afterwards we can continue to develop the story together.

Time: Friday, December 22, 2017, 4:00 pm
Location: Round house in the meadow

Maybe a co-developed story can serve as an inspiration and a vision, with which we actually make history together in 2018 and the miracle of Manheim comes true:
The last remnant of the Hambach forest remains and can regenerate itself.
The demolition work in the villages of Manheim and Morschenich will be stopped and the vision of the “New Village” will be implemented.
The terra nova observation deck will offer a view of innovative energy storage solutions which ensure on a long-term basis, together with renewable energies in the former Rhenish lignite mining area
1) security of supply,
2) jobs,
3) competitiveness,
taking into account the natural and non-negotiable environmental laws.

The language of this event will be German. Depending on the interest and feedback we might offer an evening in English next year.

We look forward to seeing you!”

Ticker Barricade Eviction 12/20

NON-Deforesting Season 2017, Live Ticker


15:00 pm Habeas corpus hearing before the magistrate in Kerpen

11:00 am Now only one person is waiting for the detention exam date. All others are free and picked up.

8:30 am 4 people leave custody.


Six of twelve people in front of the Gesa were arrested today, tomorrow two of them will be put before the magistrate with the two from the tripod. Allegedly, the other four will be released at half past seven.

11:05 am The persons who were on the tripod, were brought to Aachen for personal identification. GeSa support is on site in sufficient numbers. (GeSa means Gefangenen-Sammelstelle, which is the place where detained people on such occasions are brought to. )

9:40 am The second person is evicted.

9:20 am One of two people is evicted from the tripod.

9:15 am The first barricades are cleared.

9:10 am A lifting platform is near the tripod on which two people are sitting. There are some officers on the ground.
Pictures here:

9:00 am Police standing around in several small groups near the occupied former motorway approach road.

8:45 am Police have arrived to clear the Secu Road.

Thank You!!!!!

This cutting season the people in the Forest were no longer forced to stay up in the treehouses listening to chainsaws and the dying sound of falling and crashing trees while riot cops, bulldozers and armored personel carriers controlled the ground. And as the courtcase and the appeal were going through, while once again the trees were falling in the forest, it was the incredible coalition of feminist, animal-rights, queer anarchist, autonomous, anti-autoritharian,  grass-roots activists and individuals that came together to resist the cutting of the ancient Hambacher Forest and put their bodies in front of riot shields and chemical weapons.   Hundreds of others came together in community support meetings all around the region and yet others joined in with info and banner actions.

THANKS!!!! to all of you this foto is dedicated….

Due to power and effectiveness of coalition actions ,that have become synonymous with Climate Camp, Ende Galende and now Hambacher Forest much effort and resources continue to be spent to deligitimize and divide.  The ultimate reminder on the necessity of the continuation of this struggle and staying active.   See You All in the Forest!

Call to Document Hambi’s Biodiversity

Call to Action for grass-roots idependent assesment of biodiversity of Hambacher Forest.

RWE’s decission not to cut the Millenarian Hambacher Forest resulted in preventing the case from going to arbitration and having the forest be considered to be an area of exceptional biodiversity and protection under Natura2000 which would prevent it legally from being cut at all. The present outcome only “saves” the forest for next 9 month giving time for “political” solution which in the presently changing to the right political climate(largely as the only oportunistic response to social and ecological degradation) could signify large scale repressive actions before the next cutting season to remove the forest occupations and the Meadow Camp which for over the last 5 years have been resisting the ecological and climate destruction taking place in Hambi making the resumption of cutting next year easier for RWE.
The last remaining portion of Hamacher Forest remains in the meantime and for still limited and uncertain time one of the last continously surviving for the last 12000 years forests in europe harboring a truly unique biodiversity. The next 9 months could be the last chance to document the disapearing uniqueness of insect,plant and animal life inhabiting the forest. No scientific or professional certification but only interest, energy and action is necessary. To take part all you need to do is select and study a book listing the species you are interested in from lichens and mushrooms to birds, etc in gather the necessary tools such as binoculars or magnifying lenses and log your finds in a notebook including location, time, specie involved and include photos with in case of plant and insects with a phone or gps receiver shown in the photo displaying the coordinates of the find. All the collected material especially endangered organisms on the red list are very important parts of the struggle to preserve and defend the forest through direct-action(in this case getting closer and getting to know and documenting what we are defending) and through legal-wrenching methods deployed by the BUND-NRW.

This sunday we will look at the ornithological biodiversity of the forest so bring a pair of binoculars. Please soncintact Hambi email hambacherforst at with the subject Hambi Naturalists if you are interested and also spread the word of the projects to amateur and semi-profesional groups with focus on biodiversity as well as biology departments at universities. If you try unis in the region prepare to be disapointed as many have been coopted by RWE into silence and inaction on the subject through RWE doations and “green-washing” project ultimately reminding and mobilizing those among us who know that corporate and government conservation equals acceptance of bulldozers and chainsaws as instruments of “bio-preservation”
We do not need to be saved from ourselves by future waves of repression the same way last natural outposts of exceptional biodiversity like Hambacher Forest do no need saving for 9 months so chainsaws can start as soon as some “political”/corporate solution/loophole is found. The decision for action and to experience and learn, share and documet this biodiversity could be the last and it is once again up to all of us.

Hambi Naturalists
hambacherforst at

Stage win

Today is the last day on which BUND and NRWE can adopt a position on the settlement proposal (yes or no). Meanwhile they did so. According to Andreas Pinkwart (FDP), the NRW Minister of Economic Affairs, this winter there will be no more deforestation in the rest of the once large Bürgewald.
Sure, we’re happy. We rejoice for the bats and dormice, for the middle-spotted woodpeckers to whom they owe their homes, for the pedunculate oaks, the hornbeam, the lily-of-the-valley and all living beings in and around the forest. Also with the humans who – with their persistence in the forest, in the courtrooms, in citizens’ initiatives, in guided nature tours, in the procurement of building materials and food, in lectures throughout Europe, writing, filming, translating, collecting signatures and so many other things – made possible the current interim result.