Secret Agreement between RWE and local municipalities.

It has been revealed by Jürgen Döschner an investigative reporter from WDR  in an expose posted online as an article and an audio report that local municipalities of Mönchengladbach, Erkelenz, Jüchen, Titz have been  co-opted by a lobbying association linked to RWE that has forced those cities to enter into an agreement with the company to secretly notify RWE represetatives when any debates and/or decissions concerning this Climate Killer copany are about to take place.  It can only be presumed that this would give the company time to activate its Revolving Door Option  offering often seen in the region and elsewhere where fossil fuels industry is wrecking the planet chance to join the company after their term as a “representative” is over.

Just another alarm bell for those still walking around in a stuppor that the “expert” decission on whether Hambach Forest is a unique habitat that should be preserved(for this no expert is needed but just one look into any book on unique forests of europe to verify this well know fact) will be a positive one.

Another reminder to keep the support structures going and that the only effective response to capitalist world-view based on corruption and exploitation  is resistance and solidarity.

Hambi Bleibt!

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