Wanted: Material for power supply in the Hambi!

It has become dark and cold in the forest. The winter is noticeable already and people arm themselves with thick jackets and long campfire evenings against the first snow. And even against the dark, something can and should be done. Because there is currently no electricity in the forest and meadow. A group of enthousiastic diy people have already found themselves ready to take up the fight with technology, but their inventiveness is also limited, because there are still some crucial things missing.

Now you come into play and if you find the following things still in your, or other cellars and garages you can make sure that soon happy activists walk through the forest with loaded cell phones.

Here we have put together a small list of needed things:

  • car batteries
  • material for photovoltaic systems
  • charge controllers
  • inverters
  • electric tools, cables … just be creative!

See also Donations in kind

Thanks for your support!

Call for Hambi International Solidarity

International Call for Solidarity Actions with Hambacher Forest Struggle.

The last large part of the millenarian Hambach Forest is about to be cut and its over 11 occupations/barrios evicted during the 2017/18 cutting season expanding the chasm of the largest lignite mine/largest sigle CO2 emitter in Europe even more. Now there is a higher North Rhine Westfalia court hold on continuation of Hambi’s destruction, awaiting decission by a single not yet disclosed court apointed “expert” later this week. Given the local state of co-option of the state, municipal and judicial aparatus by special interests of Climate Killer RWE the decission is more than obvious. Even if suprisingly the decision would not be to destroy the forest the coal mining would still continue and the occupations still would face imminent evictions. Eviction constantly called for by nationalist AFD party and the rulling parties of CDU and SPD by stirring a shit-storm of fear mongering and delegitimization of eco activists in the forest as criminals, terrorist and at best riot-tourists. The cops also took advantage of the down time in cutting to provoke, distract and divide some of the local NIMBY groups by threatening to destroy the forest and its occupations if road barricades are not taken down and managed to entice some individuals to not only distance and dismiss us as perpetrators of “violence” publicly but also to engage in this zero-sum-game by taking some of our defenses down under the cover of darkness. And yet as so many attempts were made to isolate and atomize the struggle the phenomenal outpurring of support came in the form of thousands of supporters coming to the forest bringing warm solidarity in many forms. Hundreds of others egaged in solidarity action across Europe. To all of who did this: hearty thank you goes out from one of many as well as call to hold on to your banners and get ready for soldarity actions and to occupy and re-occupy the forest when the cutting and evictions resume.

A call also goes out internationally to engage in Solidarity actions, sharing photos and statements on #hambibleibt (hambi stays)and reusing your banners in front of German consulates and embassies and RWE outposts when the physical attacks on the forest resume. Also appreciation for diversity of tactics besides of course direct-action of locking-on, blockading, tree-sitting, “etc” is expressed and respect and appreciation given to comrades engaging in paper/legal-wrenching, deinvest and boycott movements against earth-destroying fossil-fuels industry. Only by coming together and using a diverse array of tactics and by maintaining unity and perseverance is there a chance of making a difference in the face of only seemingly overwhealming forces and interests pushing the Planet past numerous points of no return.


HambiBleibt! In solidarity with all anti(extractionist, neocolonialist, authoritarian) struggles World-Wide

Unraveling of BUND complaints, clearing stop, turn of the year

The e-mail below was sent to us:


I wrote down a bit to counter the confusion / uncertainties / rumors about the B.U.N.D. NRW lawsuits, the clear-cutting stop and the turn of the year. I hope this is helpful for you and will give you a better starting position to get active in preserving the forest! At the bottom you’ll find a newspaper article from today’s AN. more…

Film and information evening in Hamburg on Tuesday, 12/12/2017, 7:00 pm

A similar program will take place on Wednesday, 20.12.2017, from 7:00 pm in Klapperfeld, Frankfurt am Main.

“Protestfrühstück vor der RWE Zentrale in Köln! Wir wollen gemeinsam frühstücken, protestieren und vielleicht was Schönes malen. Die Aktion wird am 13.12 um 10-12 Uhr vor dem RWE-Standort in Köln stattfinden. Stüttgenweg 2 50935 Köln ”

In Leipzig gibts 2 Veranstaltungen:
13.12. 18:30 LinXXnet – Bornaische Straße
Vortrag & Diskussion, aktuelle Lage im Hambacher Forst von Waldbesetzer*innen
danach gemeinsames umziehen ins Liwi zu SoliKüfa & Solitresen
14.12. 19.00 G16 (Gießerstraße) Input zur aktuellen Lage & Entwicklungen
seit Rodungsbeginn 2017
+ Waldmusik von Besetzer*innen aus dem Forst und weitere Acts, Küfa & Tresen
Kommt zahlreich!

Breakfast at Secu Road barricades Tue. and Wed.!

Join us for breakast at the frontline of defense of Hambacher Forest for barricade breakfast this Tuesday and Wendsday from 8 to 10.  This road has filled up with numerous barricades and melted and dug in asphalt ditches, tripods, the “Beach” and the Strand Bar after the celebration following the hold of cutting 2 weeks ago.  Then it became a contested ground not just physically  but also physiologically with cops calling for taking down of the barricades in exchange for not coming into the forest, this distractionary and divisive tactic was not trusted in the forest.  Now we have been informed that if any rocks fly in the direction  of the cops they will destroy the whole forest by cutting numerous roads into this millenarian habitat.  This is quit a escalation as in exchange for a scratch on their helmets or shields they will destroy one of the last ancient forests in Europe. This narrative redirects attention from  ecological and climate violence perpetuated at the whole Earth, countless species and organism about to lose their habitat and their lives, millions around the world aready suffering the consequences of RWE redirecting the responsibility for its destruction at the people who have been defending it for last 5 years.

This disastrous future which is brought onto the whole Planet by actions of RWE and the NRW police forces assisting is only possible if criminalization and stigmatization of climate justice and direct action continues witout opposition.

Say no to this Bullshit either through Soli Actions or by joining us at the “Secu Road” on Tuesday and Wed. 8 to 10 to de-escalate and resist waves of repression with a one sided narrative of eco-defenders as violent criminals.  You will be able to do that by having coffee and tea with us discussing the issues at hand, climbing onto the tripods and documenting and photographig the disproportionate state repression aparatus that will most likely pop up its ugly head during that time.

Bring Food, cameras and extra SD cards!

See You on the Barricades


Walk in the forest photos


Secret Agreement between RWE and local municipalities.

It has been revealed by Jürgen Döschner an investigative reporter from WDR  in an expose posted online as an article and an audio report that local municipalities of Mönchengladbach, Erkelenz, Jüchen, Titz have been  co-opted by a lobbying association linked to RWE that has forced those cities to enter into an agreement with the company to secretly notify RWE represetatives when any debates and/or decissions concerning this Climate Killer copany are about to take place.  It can only be presumed that this would give the company time to activate its Revolving Door Option  offering often seen in the region and elsewhere where fossil fuels industry is wrecking the planet chance to join the company after their term as a “representative” is over.

Just another alarm bell for those still walking around in a stuppor that the “expert” decission on whether Hambach Forest is a unique habitat that should be preserved(for this no expert is needed but just one look into any book on unique forests of europe to verify this well know fact) will be a positive one.

Another reminder to keep the support structures going and that the only effective response to capitalist world-view based on corruption and exploitation  is resistance and solidarity.

Hambi Bleibt!

Over 400 Walk in the Forest Today

Today’s walk in the Forest has attracted over 400 people reflecting a wave of popular support sweeping not just the region but all of Germany and from around the world.  This is happening at the time when the rulling parties are no loger able or willing to hold an argument on exiting from coal and its effects on the climate but istead have become an extension of RWE special interests and are trying to redirect attention and justify large police actions to destroy the last of Hambi by talk of extremism and violence.  All as an attempt to criminalize the whole climate justice movement employing such pesky tactics as road blockades and locking on to planet and climate destroying equiment.  Many supporters realized that this is one of the last chances to see the world unique bionome of  Hambacher Forest in its present shape if at all.  They have expressed their gratitude by sharing home-baked cakes, lots of other food, warm clothing and other supplies with the unarmed “extremists” most of whom do not have firearms training both of which can not be said for the hundreds of armed cops that will arrive in Hambach to help RWE destroy the forest despite wide-spread opposition bringing a reality of climate unstability that in a logic so typical of disaster-capitalism is in turn used to justify further progressive militarization of police forces and higher levels of repression.

The walk went through two occupations of Gallien where people stoped by to chat with forest defenders and then through OakTown to the edge of the forest and standing on the wall  separating the forest from  the zone of destruction and the mine.  There a human Red Line of banners and people holding hands, singing was formed while speaches others spoke on the topic of Hambacher Forest, Coal and Climate Justice.

Speciall Thank-You also to the oldest 93 year participant of the walk who has knitted warm mittens and  hat as a special gift for the defeders of ancient Hambacher Forest: THANK YOU!!! VIELEN DANKE!!!

Bat experts visit the forest

This week several bat experts from BUND (German Friends of the Earth) visited the forest, discussed and shared information on bat behaviour and their population pressure in the shrinking forest. The group that has evicted the bats and mice by blocking their lairs has refused to engage us in this discussion regardless of many requests and calls to discuss and explain their animal evictions in front of the harvesters by setting up a bogus claim that now there is no endangered bats in the forest about to be cut. This group is not only sponsored and paid by RWE but it was also discovered during this visit that their claims that they are affiliated and approved by BUND were misrepresentation and were untrue.

The walk with infra-red camera looked at and for evidence of plastic covered holes being reopened by animals, fluid and smell coming from the opening indicating that animals were closed in inside. As a result of all the above evidence being found across the forest as many closed openings as possible were re-opened.

Further info: Endangered species

Buir Station and Alternatives of Getting to the Forest

Thursday, November 28 was the day when we dodged a bullet. An evictions of the forest after 3 days of cutting were to start involving thousands of cops. Parking spaces were reserved for police use only at the local train station. Then after two days of celebratory actions on Tuesday eve and on Wednesday, something peculiar started happening at Buir train station. Around the places previously reserved for cops, first 3 mobile offices and then crates of equipment were dropped off. The gear contained 5 boxes of batteries for walkie-talkies, portable power cubes and 4 full crates(!) of surveyors tripods. more…