Bat Experts Visit the Forest

This week several bat experts from BUNDIS (German Friends of the Earth) visited the forest discussed and shared information on bat behaviour and their population pressures in the shrinking forest. The group that has evicted tha bats and mice by blocking their habitats has refused to engage  us in this discussion reregardless of many requests and calls to discuss and explain their animal evictions in front of the harvesters by setting up a bogus claim that now there is no endangered bats in the forest about to be cut.  This group is not only sponsored and paid by RWE but it was also discovered during this visit that their claims that they are affiliated and aproved by BUND were misrepresentation and were untrue.

The walk with infra-red camera looked at and for evidence of plastic covered holes being reopened by animals, fluid and smell comig from the opening indicating that animals were closed in inside.  As a result of all the above evidence being  found across the forest as many closed openings as possible were re-opened.


Hambi Solidarity Actions from Everywhere

Incredible wave of support, banner drop actions, soli demos, info points and vigils support during last week of stress of imminent evictions, the trauma of witnessing two days of destruction of the forest and of state physical and chemical violence directed at our comrades of seeing the hipocricy of COP23 being followed by mad corporate rush to extract the last dirty fossil fuels with the strong arm of the state during all this bullshit and through more that continues those action made many including the person writting this remember and feel that we are not alone in this struggle….


Dec 3, 2017 a single Snow Day – Thanks RWE

This Sunday was the regular single day of snow a year sticking on the ground for even shorter amount of time then usuall.  Parents in the region with Children between 12yrs and 1 yr old recalled how their older kids  had a chance to play in the snow but how the young ones are now denied that same opportunity.  With 9 of the hotest years on record all falling withing the last decade the effect of lignite are not just catastrophic but very much in front of us.  Do or Die! resonates even more so especially with the sight of the snowy Hambach being a vanishing sight on two levels:  the snow itself and then the forest as well.

Whether the link below will be the only remnant of this reality hinges on many reading this joing the struggle, supporting the forest and climate justice strugle at large.


2017 2 hour Hambi Snow Day – Flicker Photo Album

Supporters engaging in the forest on Sunday

Yesterday the forest was full of supporters and visitiors as 3 organized groups came to the forest: Radical Forest Walk, Meditation Walk and a BikeTour.  Thank you to all who came and also brought supplies such as batteries, blankets and the homemade vegan cakes.

This is happening at the time when there is obvious attempts to errode the base of support  taking place by engaging in obvious propaganda campaign to potray Hambi people as dangerous extremist. This narrative convieniently ignores that many in the forest just days ago were being pepper sprayed and injured by the cops to stop the profit-mad extremists from crashing the planet and its climate.

Defend Hambi or choose to fester and die in a Zambie Climate Chaos reality of extincion and foodcollapse!!! The choice is yours! And as all the supporters this sunday and during past week showed: you do not have to live in the forest to make that choice.


The security road has fallen into our hands. Secus are unable to take control and we have decided to build a winter beach on it. Directly next to the biggest artificial lake in Germany we are opening a beach club! A Beach Bar has been built and the sand is ready for you to feel the (not so blissful) heat of the coal mine.

Today (December 2nd) starting at 3pm we will throw a party with a (Molotov) cocktail bar, sound system, a No-Talent Talent Show and a band. Bring inflatable palm trees, plenty of drinks (don’t forget non-alcoholic ones too!) and your best dancing boots.

Spread the word. Let’s make this party unforgettable!

PS: Sunday (3rd of December) we will host a Noise Band also at the Beach Club. Bring more drinks and probably not as many inflatables.

You’re invited to stay in the forest afterwards!

See you at the Beach Club. Don’t miss out!


(In case some people don’t understand: Calling terrorists to people who try to protect the forest and the climate , adds insult to injury towards those affected by terrorist attacks in Pakistan or Paris)

Destruction from 2 days of clear-cutting

During Monday and Tuesday over 10 acress of millenarian 12,000 year old Hambacher Forest has been cut. Going into that area is a sad, sureal and infuriating experience.

It is estimated that if the present rates  of global deforestation continue(an area the size of Belgium disappearing anually) only about 10 percent of the global forest will remain by 2030. The estimates of carbon dumped into atmosphere from the deforested wood and humus biomass alone is about 17 percent of total global emissions.

When climate change is looked at as a business opportunity in a growing field of geo-engineering, false and non-tried solutions of carbon sequestration that are used as justification to continuing to dump CO2 into the atmosphere, it is the forests and trees that have been and remain the best and natural converters and sequesterers of carbon.

Obviously if their financial value is greater than ecological awareness, and foresight of local, state and judicial institutions their biodiversity remains at risk.  The financial value of tons of climate, atmosphere and water-table destructive lignite under the forest floor only sways the scales of “justice” in the direction of the profit it brings to RWE not to the impact it is having and will continue to have on future generation.   Even the global disaster it is bringin on is looked as a financial opportunity.  In this context the outcome of the delayed legal decission is rather obvious so:

Pack Your Gear and Get Ready an Join Us to Help Defend The Climate and Hambi!!

System Change not Climate Change – Hambi Must Stay!!!


Another Radical Forest Walk this Sunday

Join us this Sunday at  12:00 for a Radical Forest Walk.  Lets meet at 12:00 for breakfast/lunch at the Dome in Gallien  to discuss the situation and strategies in the forest.  Followed by a walk through different barrios and blockdes and actions of removing the plastic preventing bats amd forest mice from inhabiting and  hybernating in the trees,  we will also engage in the rescue of small trees from the cutting area and the edge of the mine so please bring buckets or any mid size potting pots.  Also please bring Hambi Support Traspies to take photos in the recent cutting area.

This could be just a temporary break in cutting and oncoming evictions so please lets keep affinity and support structures active and in touch with each other.