Some answers to frequently asked questions

    • Update: Please read “The Oak Processionary”
    • How can I contact you?
      There are many ways to contact us. They are listed here: You also can comment single articles of this site.
      Visit also twitter, facebook). Friendly requests are always welcome, this also applies to additions or corrections for this statement (for example, as a comment, see below).
    • Do I encounter technical problems when contacting you?
      There are also quite a lot possibilities for technical difficulties (poor mobile or Internet connection in the forest, temporarily missing other access requirements), which can complicate this contact. Encrypted queries sometimes take longer – the respondent not only needs to have a computer with Internet access (which sometimes can be a problem), but also to have the key ready to hand. Please be patient if you do not get an answer right away. Try again (and maybe another way to contact us). The phones are usually operational, but sometimes the power or the reception is missing in between. The occupation is big, not all the information that comes across a channel, instantly get around.
    • Should I announce my visit?
      Friendly individual guests (including dogs) are always welcome at short notice. The more people want to come, the more important is an advance announcement (in any case, please for press and other people who want to do interviews). Preferably by e-mail and also by phone (the latter especially on the day of arrival or shortly before). This way you can reach more people and will be expected.The same applies to people who want to bring things to us. The meadow is basically accessible by car. If you only dare to drive until the airfield (600 m away) because of the mud track and you need people who can pick up things, please call.
      By the way, the people of the airfield do not like it when our visitors park there. Shorter stops or parking along the way is certainly no problem.
    • Food
      If you bring food, please make sure it is vegan if possible. There are certain places where non vegan but freegan products are tolerated as well.
    • ⇑ How we see ourselves in the forest
      The occupation sees itself as anarchist, anti-capitalist and anti-sexist (see explication below). So it’s not “just against lignite”. Behind the many “anti”, there is a great deal of awareness of ourselves, of other people, of nature (and for how our behavior affects it), a great love for the forest (whose great beauty can be rediscovered every day), lots of room for creativity and hard work, which is however less tiring than many office jobs, because it is self-determined. Intensive living together with lovable, very special people or even the retreat into the tranquility of a tree house are possible.
    • More information, e.g. on what we need most urgently, at the blog:
  • News
    An overview of the current situation in Hambi can usually be found on the blog and also on twitter. Lately, there have been no reports of repression against people on their way to us. This year’s deforesting lasted only 2 days and is all over now. Still there is a lot to do, support (or just a visit) is always welcome. We look forward to seeing you!
  • Ticks
    Ticks bring deseases you dont wannt to have. Make sure you get rid of them – you have 24 hours when you got them until they get dangerous. Ask other people for support!

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    Anarchism refers to a society without hierarchies. Of course, informal hierarchies can not be immediately recognised and eliminated, which takes a long process.
    Feminism is the fight against sexism, patriarchy and the oppression of femininity. Queer feminism incorporates queer perspectives and also poses itself, for example, against homophobia and transphobia.

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