Spring Skillshare 2018 – FAQ

The FAQ below may contain calls or instructions to offences. Therefore, it is forbidden to members of police, prosecutors and other authorities to continue reading from here on. All violations will be denounced.

What is the Skillsharing Camp in the Hambach Forest?
This is a semi-annual political camp in the forest that has been occupied for almost six years.
The Skillshare is a place of networking, learning and celebration. For two weeks you can attend workshops, offer workshops or simply meet great people.

When will the Skillshare take place?
This year’s Spring Skillshare will run from 26th March to 8th April. Of course you can come earlier, on the weekend before. Or even earlier. Or stay a some days (or years) longer. Or only participate in a part of it. It’s all up to you.

What does it cost?
Do not worry about that. This is a radical left project, so it goes without the money being a reason for participation or non-participation. Just give as you can.

Should I bring something?
If you have got a tent and / or sleeping bag and mattress, it would be great if you bring that with you. If not it is no problem either.

Will there be civil disobedience?
We can answer this question with a clear yesno. In our view, the main purpose of civil disobedience is self-empowerment for political action. However, this only happens to a limited extent when a small group heads the civil disobedience, predetermines the action form and shows the way to (for example) the lignite excavator (which does not mean that forms of action such as Ende Gelände are not right and important). So there will be no guided mass action of civil disobedience.
However, it is possible that you first learn many skills that are very useful for civil disobedience, and secondly, that you meet a bunch of people who also feel like doing so. So you can get to know people who surely would like to commit criminal offences, already during the Skillshare or beyond 😉

What if I have to go to school or work during that period?
We tried very hard to schedule the event in as many school / university holidays as possible. Of course, if you have to go to school in Hamburg or to go to work, that does not help you much. But is that really an obstacle? You could call in sick or just not show up. Because, do you really think you have the better time with two weeks of wage slavery or in an educational institution? Skiving off school or work could be your first step into a freer and more self-determined life!

But I really can not come!
Are you at another festival or political camp or in jail? All right, excuse accepted. Of course you can always get by on the occupation, when it fits better.

We look forward to seeing you!

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