Call for Free The Hambi 9 Solidarity events

As they sit, lay, walk in circles, and dream surrounded by hierarchy, walls and repression, solidarity is ever present, it is present among other prisoners, among every single  non-human creature they encounter or see through the bars in the window, and it is especially ever present in the hearts and minds of all those on the outside who have  also experienced repression do to remaining active in championing the numerous eco and social causes that are being repressed by progressively more right wing and repressive regimes of the global north.  That is their climate response to this global emergency more repression, militarization and privatization of the global ecological and social crime/disaster scenes which RWE lignite has turned not just Hambacher Forest and its region into but which with its larges single net CO2 output, Remains Europes Climate Killer Number One.

So if the faith of The Hambi 9  and the Planet is also close to your heart and  regardless of where you are do Support _The 9_ not just with the Feb 3rd Decentralized Mass Actions but also with letter writing, banner making and discussion evenings, benefits, food sharing etc.

It is especially mega important to write as all their mail will be delayed for up to a month as they are being processed and then delayed for 1 to 3 weeks for each letter before it reaches them.  This will make the initial period with no letters for an extended period of time which might seem like an eternity especially difficult for those who are there the first time.  This will also result in a turn around time of up to a month in getting responses from the inside or the outside.  Write, Write, Write………


Today at Hambacher Forest Occupation

Banners will be painted and solidarity letters written.

4 PM Oaktown Tower, treehouse.



please share this and any other ideas of support for The Hambi9 online
and here.

image from archive project of Hambi Prison Support mail.

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