FreeHambi9 Solidarity from 250th Anti Fraport Protest

Solidarity to Hambi9 from inside the Frankfurt Airport during the 250th Monday protest, when over 300 people who marched through terminal 1. They protested against the constant airport expansion, this time for discount airlines, generating more climate destroying pollution and cutting forest habitats such as Trebur Wald. Also this is now being occupied with over 3 tree-sits and ground structures.
Hearing of the plight of the Hambach Forest and its 9 defenders now imprisoned, the anti airport activists expressed lots of their appreciation and support and joined for a soli with the FreeHambi9 banner after it was carried through the maze of the airport to the sounds of samba drums, megaphones and whistles as people behind the check-in counters were giving everybody the WTF looks.

Frankfurt Airport protest has a long and colorful history of mass environmental struggle against mega projects, initially also with a strong anti militarist element as the airport used to contain a large US airbase. Startbahn West protests were one of the major crystallization points for the German environmental movement of the 1980s. This comprised large road blockades and occupation that were often attacked by cops. At the time they dropped concussion grenades and tear gas from as many as 8 large Huey military helicopters, dropping down on the ground up to 100 cops who would then attack and beat people down with batons. In 1987, during a final large scale eviction of the 80’s, two cops were shot and killed by a gunman who was claimed to be an anarchist, this was latter disproved by those involved and several studies. Yet still this incident was used to start a witch hunt against the radical scene, with mass interrogations and raids all across Germany, claiming mass autonome conspiracy was at play. All of this aimed at the very strong at the time autonomous movement, destabilized it by spreading fear and paranoia among supporters many of whom either collaborated and snitched on more radical people or became inactive, moved apart and criticized the movement. Sounds vaguely familiar.

Once again solidarity being considered to be the most dangerous weapon.

The protests continued in the 2008 during a new forest occupation which was evicted when cops DID GO UP on the ropes left hanging down by the activists, so always remember to pull your ropes up.

The struggle now continues with the Trebur Forest occupation that is putting a shout out of support and solidarity against earth destroying mega projects such as the new expansion. We reported before about this forest occupation on

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