One Planet One Struggle

Appreciation and Reflection on World-Wide Hambi Solidarity Actions

Price of No Coal Exit: as the Planet Burns more people are detained and imprisoned in Hambacher Forest. more ecological, climate, animal rights and indigenous activist are being severely persecuted and killed around the world. Largest scale evictions ever are pending in Hambacher Forest for this spring for its over 20 treehouses and over 11 barrio occupations and activists from around the world resisting Planet killing RWE’s open-cast lignite mining. Channeling public resources amd taxation not for climate solutions and mitigation but for protection of a system corrupt, destructive and oppressive to the core which feeds progressing and vicious circles of climate, ecological, and social instability and collapse.

The only response to this BULLSHIT like always, being that of countless protests, direct actions, banner drops, demos and affection like all that has erupted this Saturday for the Hambacher Forest Occupation and its Prisoners and for all it has grown to symbolize. Growing to symbolize at minimum the resistance to specist multinational climate injustice and so much more, grown to symbolize all of that despite countless efforts of the RWE influence machine of propaganda, infiltration and repression to turn it into something that it is not and to put wheels and cogs into motion to eventually attempt to erase it all together.

To all of those individuals, actions and demos not just this time and not just for Hambi but through-out the world and through-out history of facing repression and social and ecological destruction do we all owe one BIG THANK YOU for not already being now on a Dead Planet. Whether a reality of a DEAD PLANET will become  imminent is up to continuation of this struggle and not giving in to a constant reality of BULLSHIT that continues and that is in store for all in form of global climate-injustice. Defeating that multinational capitalist agenda of profit destruction and repression by extending solidarity and support to all other social, ecological and indigenous justice struggles and individuals world-wide to make another reality and world possible…..

As photos and reports of solidarity with Hambi continue to pour in from around the world continue it is also not impossible to forget that 2017 went down as another all time temperature breaking year with the content of carbon in the atmosphere steadily increasing way beyond that “livable planet” safe level of 350 parts per million to that of 400-420 PPM, as unprecedented droughts, storms and waves of climate refugees spread across the planet, as the Journal of Atomic Scientist moves the Doomsday Clock the closest it has ever been since the hight of cold war in the fifties to 2 minutes before midnight, this time not just citing nuclear proliferation but climate change: as all of this takes place the state “solution” and “mitigation” for their own actions and decisions is to turn an irreversible planetary disaster into profiteering frenzy for polluters seen at the COP23 and a free ticket for new waves of repression such as detention of the Hambi9 with 4 still detained in Köln, Ossendorf and for the threats and imminent Hambacher Forest occupations evictions that are being threatened for this spring. Threatened by local police chief at supporter meetings that new roads will be made into the forest if a single rock flies in the direction of the police. While the NRW Police is posting on-line job applications for surveyors. While the same Weinspach at the same meeting is threatening us with the Interior minister of NRW, a former Coal Energy Representative who was elected on a anti Hambi ticket of “No Areas in NRW outside of the Law.” Nationally the Coal Exit, as habitats, societies, nations and climate collapses: All showing how the responsibility for global climate injustice goes all the way to the top. With the only reasons why more including the culprits do not see this more clearly being for the trillions that they have channel from mitigation, social safety web, conservation, education and re wilding into private hands and into militarization and repression with the resulting instability and chaos feeding the vicious circle, and never ending feedback mechanism of more cops, more prisons, more repression.

However when the future generations of all species of inhabitants of Earth have to pay the price for not, this time, a nation, nor a continent nor two burning but for a whole planet being destabilized pass numerous points of no return and pass many run away effects being put in place by fossil fuel emissions such as those coming from RWE. When all of this goes down at least this time they will never again be able to say that this time Germany and many others at first were also largely silent and passive and just played along.

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