Update of Actions

TUESDAY 2 PM Recon of the Forest for the planned trash cleanup of debris left over from evictions and closed roads and highways.
7PM in The Roundhouse: Prisoner letter writing evening to the Hambi4 and projection images and videos from Saturday.

SUNDAY 4/2: Photos of Solidarity from other Occupations, Struggles and individuals continue to pour in.

SATURDAY 3/2: Thousands take part in Demonstrations, Banner Drops, Actions, expressions of Solidarity and Support from across Germany and Europe.

Update Friday 2/2: All five were released without conditions and without giving their personal details. Four Hambis are still in the Ossendorf jail. For the All fiv, the lawyer made a request for release. More on abc. English translation under the german version.

Five of the Hambi9 arter being released:

The reception committee is ready!

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