Weekend Actions Across Europe in Solidarity with Hambi

This Weekend’s Outpouring of Solidarity for Hambi from Across Europe and the World

Rising level of repression and police actions in Hambach Forest, continual lignite mining, temporary hold on logging for this year only by RWE, and rising level of propaganda and police threats to use this „no logging year” to plan to evict over 20 tree-houses and over 11 barrios blocking the largest toxic lignite mine in Western Europe, all of this and of course the record number of nine, now four (one is too many regardless of who they are) of Hambach Forest defenders in prison, all of this has led to:

Saturday 2nd of February and going into Sunday Feb 3rd, becoming the largest ever outpouring of solidarity for the Hambach Forest, its prisoners and for the anti coal resistance with its multiplicity of cross-section struggles to all the following by but no means limited to: extractionism, speciesism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and ageism. Illustrating Global Climate, Ecological and Social emergency resulting in Climate Justice Movements alliance of anarchist, anticapitalist, transition, social and ecological struggles. Showing that all are not complicit in the Global North’s and RWE North Rhine Westphalia mining regions largest single CO₂ emissions role in destabilizing the Planet and its social and ecological fabric. From all across Germany, from Genoa, Amsterdam and Spain, from Bristol and countless other locations came solidarity demonstrations, soli photos , banner drops, actions and all other outpourings of support.

The largest demo took place in Cologne with several marching through the city to the Ossendorf Prison where 4 of Hambach Forest Prisoners continue to be detained. The demonstration started with speeches and continued its march to the sound of samba drums and chant against Coal, Capitalism, and social injustice. Large demonstrations also took part in Aachen and Essen.

More photos from Demonstrations and actions:

https://hambachforest.org/blog/2018/02/03/action-day-soli-pictures/ #HambiBleibt (HambiStays) on twitter

and if in the region consider stopping and taking part in projection and sharing of images during the Tuesday 7pm, Roundhouse #FreeHambi4 Prisoner Writing Evening.

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