Hambi9 Political Prisoners update

Today it has been 22 days since the Hambi4 got pulled out of their treehouses, tripods, walkways and tunnels at the entrance to Hambach Forest and sucked into the Prison Industrial Complex. They remain there 3 weeks later as a verbal request on the part of their defense for an inquest court appearance to consider the validity of their detention has been ignored and then denied. This opens their detention for at least up to 3 months pending trial with still possibility of additional time.

In this viscous circle of Lignite and Coal driven global climate chaos and instability and ensuing accelerated local repression Hambi4 are more than satisfying all the definitions of being political prisoners for the following reasons:

The Recently formed coalition of pro Fossil-Fools-Industry mainstream parties not going through with the coal exit and choosing instead to exploit it with its cocktail of toxins and gigatons of CO2 emissions until at least 2040 when this most pressing global climate issue should have been addressed “yesterday” has made those same officials and figure heads responsible for ensuing climate destabilization, millions of premature deaths (8.6 annually by conservative World Health Organization estimates for particulates alone with their ensuing respiratory and cancer cases) before climate instability victims, refugees and impacted and destroyed ecosystem are even taken into account.

Hambi4 remain imprisoned to conveniently exploit and redirect public attention from a climate crisis to a campaign of fear and paranoia of domestic radicals and theorists, theorists who theorize a bit too much about concepts such as horizontalism, utopia, mutual support and global ecological and social climate justice. As mainstream shitty media copy-and-paste-journalism results in article after article repeating RWE, police statements increasing the number of activists in the forest by as much a six-fold, Merchants of fear referring to public risk of radical extremism when more academic, local initiatives and grass roots groups expand the spectrum of the climate struggle all of this feeding the climate of right wing swing of the local North Rhine Westphalia parliament with its ensuing Witch Hunt like competition between the right wing ADF and Coalition Centrist Parties that centers on ever increasing frequency with which these competing players can call the Hambi Forest Activists Criminals and Terrorists in their official sessions.

With the state and its viscous circle of feeding global climate instability and responding to it with more privatization, repression and militarization not only constituting the State Based Terrorism and Criminality but it also makes it into a Radical and Militant act all forms of resistance that are based on mutual support, global solidarity and empathy, and the preservation of the fabric of ecological and social justice . Hambi4 continue to remain a symbols of that same global justice and utopia theorism and practice. They are also a call-out to all for mutual support and solidarity with all of those repressed, imprisoned now or especially in the future if the present trends are allowed to continue unopposed and the free reign is given to Global CO2 Terrorizers such as RWE working together with the local power structures to erase communities, ecosystems and destabilize the Planet as the whole and continue and escalate the repression and imprisonment of those like Hambi4 who resist.  Next Thursday a month will elapse since their imprisonment so please help to utilize that occasion to make them and others like them know that they are not forgotten and not alone and that the Struggle for Global Climate Justice Continues with them ever-present in our ranks.


For the Earth!

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  1. In Germany you can pay no attention to someone who collapses in front of you because of a heart attack, you can gaze at and film an accident, hit a paramedic with your fist and take part in an illegal motor race and risk so other people’s lives, maybe all on the same day without having to fear to be put to prison for a single day, perhaps even without getting a complaint at all because nobody cares or wants to testify against idiots.
    But if you show courage and responsibility for reasons that are easy to understand and stand in the way of police who demonstrates state power in an area which wouldn’t even exist anymore if everything went as planned, you are considered a state enemy and are put into prison for months.
    I can’t see any reasonable balance here.

    You can easily tell from the published letters from the prisoners on ABC Rhineland that they are not evil nor have bad intentions. The biggest problem in the conflict is that there is no realism. Activists are considered by most people as being criminal, crazy or childish.

    Maybe the imprisonments as tragical as they are but also provide a chance to make it clearer that the activists are very mindful and respectful persons, and that the conflict is political and ideological.
    As long as only a few people are able to recognize these facts, it will be a long and hard way to save Hambach Forest.
    But I’m still confident that Hambi can be saved.

    Free Hambi4

    • Green Monkey

      > Activists are considered by most people as being criminal, crazy or > > > childish.

      Those are not considerations that just come from withing but ones that are fed by a massive Corporate PR and Damage Control Industry, it echos from all the local newspapers extractionist snap up to convince the locals how wonderful they are and how stupid any form of activism or protest is. It also comes from a massive Fossil Fuels Climate Change Denying industry which withs its lobbyist, institutes and thinktanks valued at over 1 billion. It comes from the cops justifying their repressive actions and keeping discussion down. So instead of matter of conviction it could be more described as a an effect of indoctrination and propaganda.

  2. Margarethe Faust

    That is a very good comment! It is simply true!

  3. You call it indoctrination and propaganda.
    I looked up the definitions for both words, and my conclusion is that all criteria is met, so I agree.
    But in my opinion you have to see that indoctrination and propaganda are also forms of conviction, if very special forms.
    In fact indoctrination and propaganda work so good because most people can be convinced within seconds.
    Many people are not interested very much in background information. They read headlines and are happy when they have an opinion many other people also have.
    But you also have to see that conviction can work in any direction and also into the opposite direction.
    In fact every action you take in a conflict situation can easily be interpreted as an act to try to convince somebody else. If you paint a banner, play a song on the guitar, write letters, throw stones or whatever. It’s always an act to convince others. Even to build a tree house is a strong statement that the tree should be saved from cutting, therefore also a try to convince others. And you need other people who help you, so maybe you have to convince them, too.
    So it really doesn’t mean, that you have to change much, when I say, that I also see a chance in the imprisonments to make it easier to convince others. I didn’t have long discussions or presentations in mind. Alone the fact that the imprisonments are far too long for the offenses is a clear indication that you can easily speak of political prisoners.

    Look at the Soli-Action-Day. You reached a lot of people. And it was just the first Soli-Action-Day. So there is still room for improvement. And if you call out a motto and keep the idea very simple on the next (hopefully then metaverse-wide) Soli-Action-Day, many people could join in and send you tons of photos via social media.

    What works very much in favor of conviction is that you can make use of exponential growth like in a snowball system.
    That’s when you convince two people and these two people themselves convince two other people and so on.
    When you put a rice grain on a chessboard and double the number from square to square you get an unbelievable number on the last (64th) square.
    As always the problem is to find a reasonable balance between quality and quantity of the protest.
    But to see that there is dynamic in the conflict and not a stillstand is a good sign in my opinion.

    To all Hambi4: Keep your head high.

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