Sunday Trash Clean Up in the Forest

This Sunday a clean up of trash took place in the Forest, a smaller one in preparation for the big one coming up. We focused at the edge of the Forest next to the shoulder of the old A4 which remains covered by massive amount of plastic, bottles, packaging that was thrown and lost from the old autobahn.The secus were being their usual sexist dickhead selves and whistled at us as we cleaned. 
The group also in a way comprised the former Hambi5. “In a way” as the prisoners and ex-prisoners symbolize all who are struggling and are allays with the occupation, and it is nebulous non-confirmation confirmation to show that one of the reasons the cops and courts want peoples names and why when possible they are denied that information is that most often they try to use that to block people from appearing in the forest again. They try to issue, like to many of our comrades in the past from Forest,  orders to stay away from the RWE property.  Attempting in their efforts to engage in actions such as this: Dangerously smashing the exhausts of the power plants with the garbage bags or to be able to even connect with their comrades in the forest etc. Bullshit with which the Hambi4 Continue to be dealing in a more severe way every day. Please do not forget to write and organize actions.

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