Tues. Decompression Evening for the Hambi5, 7PM Roundhouse

Tuesday February 6th Decompression Evening  for the Hambi5 in the Roundhouse 7PM

All of the recently released Hambi5 as well as all former prisoners are invited for an evening featuring exhibit of prison art, videos and photos from previous and this weekend solidarity with prisoners actions.  Letters will also be written on the remaining Hambi4 still imprisoned in JVA Cologne.

Please bring food, photos and videos from this Saturdays mobilization.

Tuesday will also be a reconnaissance day for the upcoming trash clean up of the forest to address among other damage and debris left from multiplicity of past evictions and large volume of trash laying among the full length of now closed local roads and the former A4.  If you would like to help please show up in the Meadow at 1PM and stay for the prisoner solidarity evening.

Solidarity with Hambi from Australia

From: https://insurrectionnewsworldwide.com

Received on 05.02.18:

Solidarity from so-called Victoria, Australia, with imprisoned comrades from the Hambach forest occupation in Germany. On January 22nd, cops raided tree houses and barricade structures in the forest, and took 9 people into custody. We took this photo as a small part of the international day of solidarity with the Hambi 9 on February 3rd.

The occupation has for years now been an amazing and inspiring site of resistance against the continued expansion of Europe’s largest coal mine. It is part of a global struggle against ecological destruction brought on by capitalism.

Freedom for eco-defenders everywhere!

Weekend Actions Across Europe in Solidarity with Hambi

This Weekend’s Outpouring of Solidarity for Hambi from Across Europe and the World

Rising level of repression and police actions in Hambach Forest, continual lignite mining, temporary hold on logging for this year only by RWE, and rising level of propaganda and police threats to use this „no logging year” to plan to evict over 20 tree-houses and over 11 barrios blocking the largest toxic lignite mine in Western Europe, all of this and of course the record number of nine, now four (one is too many regardless of who they are) of Hambach Forest defenders in prison, all of this has led to: more…

Update of Actions

TUESDAY 2 PM Recon of the Forest for the planned trash cleanup of debris left over from evictions and closed roads and highways.
7PM in The Roundhouse: Prisoner letter writing evening to the Hambi4 and projection images and videos from Saturday.

SUNDAY 4/2: Photos of Solidarity from other Occupations, Struggles and individuals continue to pour in.

SATURDAY 3/2: Thousands take part in Demonstrations, Banner Drops, Actions, expressions of Solidarity and Support from across Germany and Europe.

Update Friday 2/2: All five were released without conditions and without giving their personal details. Four Hambis are still in the Ossendorf jail. For the All fiv, the lawyer made a request for release. More on abc. English translation under the german version.

Five of the Hambi9 arter being released:

The reception committee is ready!

One Planet One Struggle

Appreciation and Reflection on World-Wide Hambi Solidarity Actions

Price of No Coal Exit: as the Planet Burns more people are detained and imprisoned in Hambacher Forest. more ecological, climate, animal rights and indigenous activist are being severely persecuted and killed around the world. Largest scale evictions ever are pending in Hambacher Forest for this spring for its over 20 treehouses and over 11 barrio occupations and activists from around the world resisting Planet killing RWE’s open-cast lignite mining. Channeling public resources amd taxation not for climate solutions and mitigation but for protection of a system corrupt, destructive and oppressive to the core which feeds progressing and vicious circles of climate, ecological, and social instability and collapse. more…

Hambi9 – The History at a Glance

Many soldarity photos of the soli action day on 3 February 2018 are available on twitter
Still more and more of them are coming in!!
@hambibleibt and #FreeHambi9

The links below point to posts that have appeared on this blog, in chronological order, so the last are at the bottom. Current status: 4 people are still in custody in Cologne-Ossendorf, because they refuse to give their personal details and because they have exercised their right to demonstrate.

Action Day – Soli Pictures

Send us your soli photos – preferably on twitter @hambibleibt (then the mailbox will not swell over so fast)! Many thanks to all in the pockets of resistance Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Bristol, Düren, Köln, Wien, Greifswald, Genua, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Essen, Dortmund, Dresden, Freiburg, Waltershausen, Stuttgart, Magdeburg, Lüneburg, Amsterdam and so many other places. Thanks!!!!!!



Over the past weeks we have seen an increase of direct action against the forces of oppression around the forest as a response after nine Hambi activists were sent to prison for occupying structures during a recent barricade eviction

We have compiled some of the reports published by other websites in relation to Hambi9 solidarity actions. Although the editors of this blog have nothing to do with the actions and all actions have been reported from outside groups, we believe that any memory of any solidarity action should be kept as a show of love towards those who don’t fear the repression and help protect the forest.

DISCLAIMER: We do not promote, nor condemn the actions described in the reports. We are unaware of the identity of the activists involved and we do not have the intention to find out. more…