A letter from U.P. “Unknown Person” 3 of Hambi4

It is 6:10am, I eat a piece of yeastless bread with margarine, thinking about you out there. How does it feel to wake up and struggle to find courage to get out of of this warm sleeping bag, but knowing that you will be rewarded by a beautiful view of the forest covered by snow from the top of your tree?

Its been more than two weeks that you’ve been sending me heartwarming, loving and motivating letters almost every day and I am thankful for that. The time when we receive our mail always makes me smile, often cry a bit and sometimes even laugh. My wall is decorated now, with all the postcards and even photos, from the action in Freiburg. I found a way to fix everything with ripped-apart plastic bags, still recycling, even here…

Hearing about the success of UP 4,5,6,8 and 9’s release was really great and I hope you are all mentally and emotionally OK, I give you a big, long hug if you want. See you soon with a cup of something else than this awful antibiotic tea.

The first 2 weeks my morale in here was really good, but now it begins to go down, as my growing wisdom teeth give me headaches, and there is no way to see a dentist. I finally got some books, but I don’t think reading Lord of the Rings in German is going to help me with my head…

Friend of my with a TV borrowed “Orange is the New Black” so we can have a quiet evening in front of the screen. I miss being with you and a warm fire, I miss seeing the stars between the branches of trees instead of those metallic things.

I spend a bit of time sleeping or just laying down not even thinking. My brain probably is going on the mental hibernation mode and the perspective of doing anything feels really tiring. But I force myself to draw and write some middle-school poetry and I still run around in circles in the yard.

Looking Forward to getting out of here,
I love you All,

For the Wild!

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