Hambi 4 in Prison for a Month now!

Today the Hambi4 Have been in jail for a month. For a whole month for resisting forest and climate destroying bullshit of RWE and NRW Police by refusing to identify themselves. Refusing to identify themselves to among other reasons not make it so easy to keep issuing orders to stay away from the Hambach Forest and RWE properties that so often been given to Hambi, Climate Camp and Ende Gelände people to make it more difficult for them to continue our resistance. In Germany so far it was only possible to be detained for 48 hours without being identified with no charges being filed. This has always been the case in the past, this time however, after starting a PR shit storm for months threatening to cut roads into the forest if a single rock flies the cops still ended up arresting a record number of people just for not getting out of their way. An escalation on the part of the cops and the legal system took place regardless of all original 9 and now the 4 resisting passively and remaining in their lock ons, tripods, monopods and walkways blocking access to the forest and our homes with their own bodies. Also previously for locking on and for passive resistance no charges were filed and activists released. Another reminder to never trust or expect any particular response from the Police and their Bulshit PR Machine. Now also as temperature continue to break all time records and climate instability takes hundreds of thousands of lives around the world, the state solution is to come down not on the polluters but on the activists. This however has resulted in unprecedented support actions coming from all around the world for duration of last month and for the largest Hambach Forest mobilization in which thousands took part across the world in Demos, Marches and Banner Drops.

Thanks everybody for reminding The Hambi9 and Now The Hambi4 that they are not alone and their struggle is appreciated. This response is also a reflection of the strength and the importance of the movement as The Climate and the Planet is getting majorly screwed and taken passed many irreversible points of no return. The only thing possibly worse than RWE with its largest Net CO2 emissions in Europe continuing to get away with it, while locking Forest and Climate Activist who resist it, the only thing worse would be if there was no protest, no resistance just complacency and apathy. That is a goal and aim of RWE, Cops and their whole Repression Apparatus, which yesterday threatened massive reprisals in order to eliminate and illegitimize militant actions, today civil and passive resistance is criminalized and tomorrow as the planet burns if no resistance is given on can only expect a state of permanent emergency that both capitalism and climate chaos bring making any type of now “legal” protest less and less likely and more and more criminalized.

No Jobs and no Cops on a Dead Planet.

For the Earth and all the species that call it home!!

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