Mail to the 4 being Destroyed and Withheld

UPA 1,3 and 11 are being held in the same cell block and are able to see each other with 11 not getting any mail as it was misdirected and forwarded to UPA9 in Aachen who is aready out (if anybody is able to pick this mail up maybe it could be forwarded to 11?). With 2 being isolated from all the others and not able to see other Hambis and so is especially asking for any reading material: zines, print-outs from the blog and other autono media outlets. The prisoners have once again been lied to and told that they can not have books send in when paper back, zines and mags are allowed. They also had soli photos and other materials withheld and destroyed.
Officially and legalistically all mail is considered to be property of the prisoner and can not be withheld, destroyed or taken away without a written statement stating the reason. Like no maps (could be used for escape attempts) or calls for prison riots, etc etc. So the state is once again showing its ugly face proving that they do not abide by their own laws that they set up. So please write the content of each correspondence on the envelope with the date included, keep it for your records and forward list of content, date of mail sent to to document interference with their correspondence and even outside of their aready fucked up capitalistic justice attempts to even further isolate and demoralize them done outside of their aready bullshit “repress-for-the-RWE-climate-killer-multinational” law.

Recap: More reading material and mail for both UPA2 and 11 is needed to make up for them being cut off so far.


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