Solidarity Action Day for Hambi4, The Forest and for Climate Justice: Saturday 10.3.2018

Hambi 4 remain imprisoned going on two months now for offenses for which Hambach Forest Activists have not been detained for longer than 48 hours before.  This is also a record number of Hambacher Forest Activists that have been detained for so long. The Climate Crisis Capitalism is responding to the global emergency it has and which it continues to create with a permanent state of emergency based on fear, militarization and even more  of  its usual repression.

This is time of pressing need of outside support and solidarity in the Hambach Forest occupied now against RWE lignite for 6 years,  during which time the struggle has been and continues to call for  Global Climate  Justice and for  turning away from toxic  lignite.  This millenarian forest continues to remain a liberated and for the  time  protected ecosystem presently with over 27 defending treehouses and 11 separate barrio occupations spread through the forest.  This is especially pressing time for holding our course and continuing the resistance as the right wing party AfD in regional parliament competes with the ruling parties of CDU and SDP in who can call Hambi activists Criminal and Terrorists with higher frequency, with the chief NRW interior minister and head of regional police Herbert Reul having been elected on an anti Hambacher Forest Platform of: “No areas outisde of the law in NRW” and not surprisingly also being   a former Chairman of the Energy Committee and a paid member of the Supervisory Board of an energy company  Rheinenergie  AG.  Energy and mining driven law enforcement has now been joined by a frenzy of media beating the drums of fear and repression instantly  linking Hambi  to recent acid attack and  attempting to erode and silence the general support of both the coal exit and of the public criticism of huge police actions in the Hambach Forest that occur regularly to support and prop-up the Climate Destroying RWE with its toxic cocktail of  chemicals and effects that opencast coal mining bring up to the surface and into the atmosphere.

So this action day and this struggle is not just about  Imprisoned  Hambi4, not just about Hambach Forest and not just about Global Climate Justice but  about how complete  and how devastating of a reality present day global speciesist, patriarchal and racist fossil fools regime will be allowed to leave behind as it collapses in ever deepening  cycles  of planetary and climate booms  and   busts.

So if you have not already, join the struggle against Europe’s largest net CO2 emitter:  RWE  Hambach Mine  named  cynically after  the  Occupied Ancient Millenarian Hambach  Forest  it  has  been destroying for  last  40 years.  Join and support by  engaging  in  Solidarity  actions  this  Saturday whenever you are, by supporting local and Global-South struggles and  by  coming  to the   forest  at  any time  especially  during  the  Skillshare  Camp, join in the “sleeping plenaries” choosing a treehouse to occupy and by  having   a   “forest  backpack” prepared   and   ready.  Secure your personal data and phone by encrypting you devices and if you choose to remain anonymous by not taking your id with you.

See you in the forest and on many front lines of this Global Climate Struggle,

For the Wild and for the Earth!!

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