Hambach Forest – Bure Solidarity Open Letter

Throughout the past three years of Bure Anti-Nuclear Struggle and Lejuc Forest Occupation you have inspired us many times and reminded the people in the Hambach Forest, also constantly facing and dealing with repression, that we are not alone. That we are not alone in fighting and resisting capitalism with its many Hydra-like heads of extractionism and climate injustice. The solidarity banners and actions have been going back and forth between the two occupations in the moments when there were most needed. Thank You for both!!

And now as you are facing wave after wave of repression and as we also with 4 comrades in prison prepare for waves of repression and evictions this spring, your struggle once again is serving as a reminder that we refuse to be atomized and isolated. For that reason please keep in mind that Hambach Forest and its over 30 tree houses and over 11 barrios are your home as well for as long as they stand and for as long as they continue to be rebuild. Seeing wave after wave of armed goons descending on you we can not help but hear some of the pessimist voices heard here at times like that especially from some of the less sympathetic bystanders, such as “You can not save the Forest.” “You should have done this 30 years ago” blah, blah, blah. Yet all this bullshit thrown at all of us on many different levels also serves as a reminder that this struggle is not just about saving particular piece of land or a specific ecosystem, it is also about costing the destructive multinational corporate entities as much money, the thing they care about the most, as possible. Costing them dearly by creating a PR nightmare that protest and struggles are for their corporate image and their stock prices. Costing them dearly in delays. Exposing the repressive nature of the State which enforces a toxic and destructive reality to mostly unwilling population, yes so much for “democracy”, and does so from an armored personnel carrier, with the bang of concussion grenades and in the haze of tear gas.

You have also created a space for many to resist to connect and to carry those messages further. Creating a community, educating all who come to the possibilities of horizontalist and post-capitalist reality. You have created a historical record that will prove that this shit did not go down easily and it did not go down unopposed.


Hambi Squirrels

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