Police in the Forest Again

Continuation of 3/19: Barricade Eviction in the Forest

8:24 Large police action in the forest, apparently demolition of barricades, several forest roads are currently blocked by cordons of police.
9:00 Police at the railway station of Buir.
9:30 Forest roads to Lorien are cleared. Tripod at Jesus point is cleared. Currently clearing between North and Deathtrap.
10:00 Cops in sight of the Gallien Tower. Several „Wannen“ (= police vans) at Lorien.
10:13 At T-Town everything is quiet, no cops.
10:26 Trees cut at Jesus point. Shitbarricade is evicted. Pictures of the fellings.
10:40 60 cops going from Lorien to Jesus point.
10:43 Still chainsaw noise.
10:58 15 vans in North.
11:00 Since Monday, 3 more people are in custody. More information on https://abcrhineland.blackblogs.org/
11:09 During the eviction, the police and RWE “accidentally” damaged a couple of trees and they fell them for “security reasons”.
11:40 Helicopters, clearing and grubbing machines as well as lifting platforms are in and above the forest.
12:30 More trees are cut.
13:30 Police left the forest.

For more information goto twitter #hambacherforst

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