Warm Solidaric Welcome to UP2 and others recently released.

After over two months of being fucked with by the cops UP2 has been released this week.  Your letters and humor was a weapon and response to injustice and force that has inspired many on the outside.  THANKS AND WELCOME on the outside.

The list of activists who have been imprisoned under all types of bogus and trumped up charges reflects the State’s frustration at the ongoing campaign of ecotaging, resisting and blockading the larges single CO₂ emitter in Europe. The list of those behind the walls can only be expected to grow as eviction will take place following the court ruling to continue obliterating the unique habitat of Millenarian Hambach Forest. The repression will also increase this cutting season also reflecting the dynamic of climate disaster late capitalism that decimates whole continents and now irreversibly the planet and takes advantage of the disaster of its own making by installing right wing militarised police regimes.  As the waves of this bullshit wash onto deeper and deeper shores going together with the rising water levels the solidarity to those on the frontline and especially those imprisoned becomes more and more important.  That solidarity should not be limited to time while the person is in prison but especially afterwards. Adjustment can be difficult, prison can leave one depressed and repression can change how we perceive the struggle and leave life long scars that should be worn proudly. Being unsupportive of prisoners deeply reflects a dynamic of privilege that externally and internally we represent in global north.  That dynamic, like never experiencing extreme hunger or thirst makes it difficult for many of us to realize how elemental and symbolic food and water can be and what deep symbolism sharing and mutual assistance can acquire. Freedom and imprisonment are also like that and it is always possible to make it clear on which side of the barricade we are by just reflecting and conversing on the shittiness of prisons and repression and continuing to extend our support to all around the world facing the same enemy: extractionism, capitalism, authoritarianism a hydra monster with a long tail of additional “isms”.

Here are some of the photos that brought many together to express their Solidarity for the Hambi 4, these photos came from all around the world and are just a small portion of all the actions, banner drops and soli photos as there are just some of the ones after the release of the 5.  For more photos please check out #FreeHambi9 hashtag on twitter.

The wide support shows why the Hambach Forest, AntiCoal and Climate Justice movement are consider to be such a threat as they all endanger the profits of Fossil Fools like RWE who helped put in place and helps maintain a Coal Industry regime in North Rhine Westphalia one so corrupt and shortsighted that it continues to ignores the reality of Climate Chaos and ecological and social destruction that it is putting in place.  For as long as it continues to do so our job is not done and the resistance will continue.


Lead Gate, England

La Zad

Genoa, Italy

Blackpool, blocking Fracking Site

New Orleans

Dipton, England

La Zad

Pont Valley Protection Camp England


Grow Heathrow, London

Climate Camp

Local Trains

Earth First Gathering UK


Linke Jugen



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