Saturday 2.6 Photo Solidarity Action for UPIII!

Isolation of UPIII continues with the strange precedent of persecutor and the Public Relations Press person for Political and Organized Crimes for North Rhine Westphalia, not the judge being in charge of approving her visits and consequently greatly delaying or denying large portions of them. Being younger, almost certainly the first time being in prison, she is also exposed to the draconian practice of German Legal Establishment of forcing young refugees and environmental activists who remain anonymous to take part in a pseudo scientific and sexually abusive age test. To determine whether they are of legal age, with this being done even despite of evidence being provided that states the age of the prisoner. Showing that the “age test” is being used as an instrument of punishment, repression and domination.

The nature and the effect of seeing the high level Fossil Fuel and Coal industry fueled corruption and co-option of the “justice system” all around and not speaking German makes this intentionally difficult for UPIII and all other prisoners and young refugees who had to go through this repression hell. Lets show then UPIII that they are not alone, not forgotten by sending photos of banners, signs, action and heart warming, and solidarity statements. Please post them on #FreeUPIII and #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst on Twitter.

If you have access to a printer please also consider printing them out and sending them to UPIII, address below. It will be faster and more powerful statement if the support is received from many points. You could speed up the mail even more by not including anything in English instead writing a short or even longer statements in German only. UPIII will be able to translate those through other prisoners and by not being in a “foreign” language the correspondence will not give the prison official and the RWE-NRW justice machine a chance to delay it even further for up to a month for “translation” purposes. That this constantly happens shows a high level of institutional xenophobia. Also by regularly treating foreign activists as more of an object of repression than others in for the same offenses is in effect trying to atomize and isolate the anti-coal and Climate Justice struggle in the Rhineland from its truly global and world-wide scope. The whole especially controlled and isolated treatment also attempts to deepen the image of eco, forest and climate activists as dangerous criminals and eco-theorists (theorizing way too much about eco-justice and anarcho-utopias) hence cutting down on discussion and debate about financing and supporting a Planet and Climate destroying criminal like RWE and spending millions of public funds not on energy transition but on mass military scale police actions in the forest and continuing repression and imprisonment of Hambi and Animal Rights activists such as UPIII. Don’t let them lack Hambi UPs and “throw away the key” throwing away the chances of living on a livable planet as well,

Resist, Support, Form Affinity Groups and Strengthen Bonds of Solidarity especially to those imprisoned for not even their actions but for what they stand for and symbolize:

unbekannte Person III
JVA Köln
Rochusstraße 350, 50827 Köln

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