Info Events in South Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Dates for the hext two weeks

Climate camp Vienna

Mai 30 – June 2


June 4 in the react!OR
Frühlingsstraße 17, 87439 Kempten (Bavaria)

Bremgarten near Zürich

7.6 in the KuZeB, 8 pm
Zürcherstrasse 2, 5620 Bremgarten, Switzerland


June 8, Infoladen Bern, 8 pm
Neubrückstrasse 8, 3001 Bern, Schweiz


June 9, Liz, 8 pm
Glümerstraße 2, 79102 Freiburg im Breisgau

Saturday 2.6 Photo Solidarity Action for UPIII!

Isolation of UPIII continues with the strange precedent of persecutor and the Public Relations Press person for Political and Organized Crimes for North Rhine Westphalia, not the judge being in charge of approving her visits and consequently greatly delaying or denying large portions of them. Being younger, almost certainly the first time being in prison, she is also exposed to the draconian practice of German Legal Establishment of forcing young refugees and environmental activists who remain anonymous to take part in a pseudo scientific and sexually abusive age test. To determine whether they are of legal age, with this being done even despite of evidence being provided that states the age of the prisoner. Showing that the “age test” is being used as an instrument of punishment, repression and domination. more…