Skillshare in Hambi from 22.9-30.9.2018

Direct resistance requires:
People with diverse skills and creative ideas to stay one step ahead of the repressive power. Therefore, we invite everyone, from 09/22 to 10/03 at the Skillshare Camp in Hambach Forest, to be there. The forest occupation in the Hambach Forest has been fighting for 6 years against the precipitation of the forest and thus against the expansion of the lignite mine Hambach. The open pit Hambach causes enormous ecological damage, one of the oldest and largest mixed forests in Europe fell to him almost entirely to the victim. The peaceful protest of the forestry occupiers was violently evicted again and again. We believe that political activism can be fulfilling and enjoyable. The offered workshops should help to reconcile the fight for the good life with a good life in the here and now. In our workshops, we want to create a space for your ideas and experiences together with you. We want to discuss with you, learn, share knowledge and spend a nice time.
The workshops should have a focus on actions (barricade construction, lock-ons, climbing), but also other interesting topics that arise in the “resistance everyday” should occur – for example, workshops on artistic matters such as juggling and space around new action ideas To tinker strategies and above all practical implementations.
The Skillsharing Camp should not be an exclusive event. It should be open to residents, environmental activists, but also people in social struggles in the area or even worldwide. From this aspiration, we try to design workshops so that they can be understood without prior knowledge – we try to provide translations when different languages are spoken.
The Skillsharing Camp serves on the one hand as a platform for the transfer of knowledge and skills, on the other hand as a forum to establish and maintain regional and international contacts to other fights.

The Skill Sharing Camp is coming, and even though RWE and the Cops are demonstrating their power today and more recently to destroy another part of the forest, we have some new information for you. Information about the Skill Sharing Camp in Hambach Forest Please note: The term “skill sharing camp” is derived from three words of the English language:
– skillsharing (from skills to share)
– camp (there people live together, but not in closed houses)
So it’s about sharing skills, learning new things, or letting others share in other skills. Of course, other words with different meanings could be formed from the letters of the word “skill sharing camp”, but they have nothing to do with the actual meaning.

Almost everyone in Hambi has a self-chosen name. It is useful if you think up in advance a “Hambi name” and inform you about the topic “refuse personal” and you worry about it.
Much has to be prepared for the skill sharing camp if you have time to come earlier. We always need people !!!
Cost ?: Do not worry about it. As a radical left-wing project, it goes without saying that money is no reason for participation or non-participation. Just do what you can.
Which workshops, readings and events there will be, is not completely clear yet but if you have skills that you want to share, please write your offer to:

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