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Sept. 18-24

September 17.

22:30 In the cage room of the detention center, a police officer took pictures of approximately 8 to 10 people in their cells.
22:30 More than 50 people in the vigil.
22:10 7 vans leave the meadow.
21:49 The police control people 100 meters off the meadow. They are forbidden to bring food.
21:45 The climbing team brings an environmental activist to the elevator. Meanwhile, a cabin in Cozytown is demolished from above. In the cabin, according to the police, 2 people are fixed to an object.
21:30 The solidarity concert officially ended.
21:28 The eviction of a cabin in Cozytown continues, while police try to enter.
21:02 Person with lock-on was taken from a cabin in Cozytown after 5 minutes.
20:55 Gallien illuminated with spotlights. Police with flashlights in the forest. Gallien: the cabins Himmelblau, Schwaukel, Paradies, Bolo and Tower expelled / destroyed
20:22 Police takes a climber from his rope. Then there developed a brief chase.
20:06 The cherry pickers are both at a tree house in Cosytown, SEK in climbing gear is approaching. This may mean the impending continuation of the eviction.
20:02 During the concert, BFE and other units try to get to Lorien.
19:35 A part of the concert visitors (about 100?) are going spontaneously to the meadow.
19:12 In Cozytown there are three people on a traverse between two cabins.
19:00 Bolo is destroyed.
18:53 The eviction in Cozytown is going on.
18:19 Hundreds of people on their way to the concert.
17:19 Tower of Gallien and Paradies are destroyed, cherry picker cherry picker in Beechtown (?)
17:15 Police withdrew from Beechtown (?), the barricades are removed in Cozytown.
17:00 A warning tape is thrown around Cozytown, corridors are cut. In Gallien, Bolo’s eviction is in progress.
16:53 The wooden barricades are destroyed with chainsaws while outside a harvester (logging machine) chops down smaller trees.
16:25 Trees are cut down in Beechtown, people shout “Stop it!” RWE stops it.
15:36 RWE opens a path to Beechtown, although an activist is right there in a tree. RWE continues, police just look and do nothing.
15:20 A track is beaten through Beechtown, using a cherry picker. The low bridges are cut. Game of cat and mouse in the field between fifty activists and policemen. The latter also with dogs, the activists with sit-ins.
15:19 Activists arrive in Beechtown.
14:20 In Gallien, Bolo is evicted.
14:30 Paradise and Tower in Gallien evicted. A climbing cop on a traverse can not get down again without help. (The traverses are ropes to move between inhabited trees, even if the trees are surrounded by cops. Double-stringers are called “walkways”)
14:04 Eviction-notice being read out loud in Cozy-town
13:34 Sitting-blockade near Beechtown, to prevent the eviction-preparation. More and more police coming.
13:09 Police is evicting Beechtown. Eviction notice was read out loud. Trees are being felled, one person is arrested, and the Aktion Unterholz sitting blockade is being evicted.
12:36 Cops are currently at the treehouse “Paradise” in Gallien. First person has been evicted.
12:14 The cherrypicker between Paradise and “Lazy-town” is apperently broken.
12:09 One person evicted from a traverse in Gallien
12:08 Police has attempted to evict a cello-player. Several cameras were there.
11:46 In the Gallien-Tower the window-panes have been destroyed.
10:38 Cherrypicker getting into position.
10:32 Second cherrypicker in Gallien
10:20 People erecting barricades by Cozytown, that quickly get evicted by police. Otherwise pretty calm. Yesterday 6 people were taken from Cozytown.
10:10 SWAT-officers with climbing-gear, and cherrypicker in Gallien
10:08 AktionUnterholz Sitting-blockade completely evicted. Cherrypicker in position.
10:00 Parlamentarian overwatch comes in the forest, with food for the last person in Oaktown! Chillum is expecting an eviction soon!
09:50 AktionUnterholz sitting-blockade in Gallien is being taken apart, person by person. SWAT-team and climbing-police is present.
09:07 In the North of Gallien big trees are being felled. Eviction of the sitting-blockade currently on pause.
09:02 Person from the AktionUnterholz-Sitting-blockade gets punched in the face. Policeviolence for breakfast!
08:59 AktionUnterholz sitting-blockade under the Gallien Tower
08:26 Two police vans driving into the forest. Transporter for arrested people, and 6 police vans, are at the gravel pit.
08:00 The last person in Oaktown is still in a tree! He needs food, water, and all your support!

September 16

20:52 The police are still besieging the meadow occupation and the forest.
20:10 Police are facing Gallien. At the vigil numerous vans go away.
20:00 Police are in the forest with arresting teams and randomly attack people.
19:53 One person arrested at the airfield and brought away.
19:38 25 vans on the road are stopped by sitting blocks.
19:25 A arrestation by BFE (?) of a person just out of the blockade of the eviction tank below.
19:00 An eviction tank is being blocked by singing people.
18:50 Westside (Beechtown and Cosytown) is calm, few police. Police are slowly drawing out from near the Meadow. Around 300 cops still there.
18:00 An arrest on the main-road close to The North, leads to large sitting-blockade, and the person being freed.
17:14 Activists are mobile, some getting through to the “safety-zone”
17:16 Barricades at Cosytown evicted again.
17:15 Oaktown and police completely surrounded by people.
16:53 Tower in Oaktown has collapsed.
16:40 On the Meadow a water-canon is getting into position, to shoot water on people. The officer inside is giving a message, that despite the strong dialect isn’t understandable.
16:00 Hundreds of people all over the forest. Police is drawing back, but is moving around in smaller violent groups. Barricades are being erected.
15:50 In Cosytown an eviction tank is being surrounded by people. Police is overwhelmed, and reacts violently.
15:50 One person breaks through the police-chain at the gravel pit
15:34 Demo-first aid people are reporting that they were frontally attacked with pepper-spray.
15:30 Hundreds of people reach Gallien and Oaktown! Cherry picker in Cosytown is blocked.
15:17 People yelling “Hambi stays!” are arriving in Oaktown. One person there is still on a tree.
15:15 Many people at the edges of the forest. Police are making chains, and trying to stop people from entering. Several police-vans at the gravel pit
14:59 One person with health-problems was brought down from the tree. They are on their way to the hospital, but is so far okay.
14:50 At the gravel-pit an ambulance has been deployed. Police from Bavaria, Baden-Wüttemberg and Hessen are present.
14:47 One person has been evicted from Fuchur. Unclear whether more people are still up there.
14:40 Floki and Nest (Oaktown) have been evicted
14:10 Police is getting ready to evict people from the gravel pit and the walls around it.
14:09 The first group of forest-walkers have reached the forest!
13:55 Two people from Cosytown are being transported away by the cops.
13:55 The tip of the forest walk has arrived at the Mahnwache. The tail of it is still at the train-station(!)
13:54 The eviction of Fucher is being prepared
13:43 First countings of the Forest Walk: 9000 people. There are rumours saying that Angela Merkel will be coming 😀
13:15 Police deploying horses against activists! One person has had their foot broken.
13:15 First person (“Mike”) brought down from Nest on a cherry-picker
13:12 First attempts to get into the forest via the Meadow. Police seems thinned out
Erste Versuche Richtung Wiesencamp in den Wald zu kommen, Polizei wirkt überfordert
13:09 Angle-grinder sounds can be heard from a treehouse in Cozytown.
12:45 Even the press speaker of the police can not prevail against the police on spot. Press is still not allowed through.Even press-speakers from the police can’t go to the place where cops are working. Press is still not let through.
12:40 Blockade evicted.
12:34 Spontaneous sitting-blockade in front of the Mahnwache
12:20 Thousands at the railway station of Buir, first people are let through to the vigil.
12:15 In Cozytown the eviction is also beginning.
12:09 A person has locked on to the tree, above Mouse-house.
12:04 Cherry picker now at the Mouse-house.
11:43 Press speakers near the gravel pit are not being let into the forest. No reason given.
11:31 People who want to go from the Buir trainstation towards the Mahnwache aren’t being let through.
11:27 Nest and Floki are being evicted at the same time.
11:20 Another person arrested in Gallien.
11:00 Cherry picker near Nest.
10:46 Köln central-station: Completely full trains, one after another, are driving towards Hambi, more and more people are arriving. The platforms are full as well.
10:40 #aufbäumen!-demonstration leaves the road and goes in the direction of Lorien.
10:23 Activists are getting closer to Oaktown, while RWE cuts trees.
10:18 One arrest in Gallien. Police is directing massive violence towards supporters.
10:12 The SWAT team will be brought into Floki from a crane.
09:29 The area around Nest (in Oaktown) is being cut with a harvester.
08:55 Cops are stressing people at the barrio Kleingartenverein. ID Checks and attempts at destroying ground structures.
07:30 The tunnel has been evicted.

September 15
23:50 Other source can not confirm road works in Lorien
23:30 Heavy equipment also on the earth embankment near Lorien. The path is being expanded. Identity checks.
23:10 First “rescuer” goes down into the tunnel.
22:58 Apparently, in the GeSa (detention center) in Aachen, there are no more tampons and towels. For people who have their period, baby diapers are available. The “male” cage is now empty, in the “female” cage still just below 20. The number of people in the individual cells is unclear.
22:00 Take care of each others! Throughout the forest, small groups of BFEs (antiterror police) are on the way, some of them trying to pull people out of the bushes!
21:38 The two people in the lock-ons in the Oaktown tower were evacuated. Tanit is destroyed.
21:14 The road near the vigil is evacuated.
21:04 Police announces violent eviction of people in front of the registered vigil. Stream
20:03 In the Oaktown tower, four people are locked up by lock-ons. The cops threaten to throw them out the window together with their lock-ons. WTF
20:00 The Oaktown tower is dismounted while there are people in it. Large branches are cut above and jump on the roof, the walls are torn. Danger of death!
20:00 Live stream from Oaktown twitter
20:00 Simona is hanging on the crane and will be removed soon.
19:51 Police dogs continue to flip out and bark, especially against other police forces.
19:30 Simona will be lifted in a few moments by a crane.
19:15 The attack on the Oaktown tower continues. Cops cross the roof and take a person out. Four others are locked on. Around Oaktown, hundreds of people make noise.
18:53 The eviction of the Oaktown tower begins. Branches above the roof are removed.
18:22 The police brutally beating people at the vigil. Allegedly because of a cop badly wounded in the forest.
18:00 On the occasion of the breakthrough at the camp in the meadow, two people were knocked down and tied by the police.
17:55 In Oaktown, there are 3 cherry pickers, one at Tower, one at MouseHouse and one at Tanit. The last two have already been entered / evicted.
17:53 From different directions, groups of people approach the police line near the meadow. The water cannon goes in position.
17:51 The suspension bridge between Tanit and Tower is cut. Tanit is evicted.
17:45 Two prisoner buses arrived in Aachen.
17:43 A hunting lure is completely destroyed by a police tank. (They steal our style again!)
17:42 More and more people are breaking through the police lines from the road into the forest. Each time, the cops are more apathetic in pursuing them.
17:40 A policeman, hunting for humans and at the same time busy with his smart phone, falls twice in a row on his mouth 🙂
17:34 Demo – Livestream
17:26 The first person is lifted from Tanit by a rope around his chest.
17:15 SEK destroys Tanit’s roof.
17:00 Wow, you are great! The cops are surrounded by activists. Around Oaktown, we hear loud yells “HambiBleibt!”, coming back from the cabins above.
16:40 Cherry picker in Oaktown on the way to the tower.
16:21 The work of the press is severely hampered. Injured by aggressive use of pepper spray by the police.
16:12 There is a lot of dynamism right now. The activists cross the fields towards the meadow camp and the forest.
15:29 Apparently Fabacea is evacuated too. The angle grinder continues.
14:30 In Merzenich, the participants in “Aktion Unterholz” split into “fingers” which together form a fist. This strategy is already known from the “Ende Gelände” actions. Police follows the respective groups.
14:30 Confirmed Info: In Norden, two activists are still sealed in concrete up in the top of the tree. Expulsion will take a long time.
14:27 The squadron of dogs has just been withdrawn from Oaktown. Apart from the cops who are clearing, everything is free. There seems to be a lack of staff.
13:50 Police occupy the Buir station, obstruct many residents and intervene dangerously in the rail traffic.
13:49 More felling around Simona is in preparation. The tunnels have been declared likely to collapse! Felling in this area endangers human lives!
13:23 The police repel press from Gallien. Probably they want to cut some more trees without cameras.
13:10 In Norden, a person is still “tied in a complicated way”.
13:05 Police harass press as heavy equipment travels to Oaktown.
12:51 RWE’s cleaning team appears in Oaktown.
12:48 The contact to the tunnel is restored again. There are two people in it who will stay. Currently no barricade clearing in the direction of Lorien
12:00 Eviction of the barricades between Cosytown and Beechtown, coming from the earth embankment. Many police patrols are reported in many parts of the forest. The main road between Jesus Point and Lorien is being cleared. Campers are brought outside the forest. In Norden, there are probably still 2 people in the trees.
11:59 Climbing police rappelling from a cabin in Norden.
11:50 In Cozytown, the first barricades are evicted and an access alley is cut.
11:32 The first climbing cop is in the cabin Fabacea.
11:00 The cherry picker in the North approaches the cabin Fabacea, where they cut branches to get closer.
10:36 The person on the Skypod in North is evicted.
10:29 The police cut off the person’s safety rope on the Skypod to force them to secure a more comfortable way for the cops. Another endangerment of a human life by negligence.
10:28 3 cherry pickers in action in North. Branches are cut in the treetops.
10:22 Police withdrew from Gallien. The mood is good.
09:58 Firefighters inspect the tunnel at cabin Simona.
09:44 The cops with helmets leave Oaktown. Those with dogs stay all around.
09:10 Police reads aloud the eviction order for the village of cabins “Gallien”.
09:03 Niederaußem: Person on tripod is brought in danger of death!! @zuckerimtank
08:30 There is still one person inside in a 10 meter deep tunnel!
07:30 Activists occupy lignite fueled power plant Niederaußem! Read more: @zuckerimtank

September 14

21:25 All 10 people that were arrested at the sitting blockade in Oaktown are out of police custody in Aachen.
21:20 A person arrested at one of the tripod is in custody jail. More infos at ABC Rhineland (
20:56 The rests of Mona is brought, in almost one piece, to the ground.
20:50 In Oaktown the eviction continues. The “Living Room” and Mona is being furtherly destroyed.
20:40 Two police vans in Gallien. Police is covering the night in strobe lights.
19:53 In the forest it is getting dark. Police is using equipment to light up Oaktown.
19:45 Current situation in Oaktown: Pyra (1 person) evicted, Living Room (2 people) evicted, Mona (1 person) evicted, two people from Simona evicted, and two are still in the tunnel.
19:30 Person on Mona was removed from the lock-on, after 6 hours.
19:20 The demonstration is within earshot of the Meadowcamp, and people take advantage of this. Between them stands the police with water cannon and eviction tanks.
19:12 Two Rescue-vans with blue-lights driving down the Securoad.
19:01 THW (Technical support) is on the Secustreet.
18:51 Because of an “ACAB” slogan, two people were ID-checked at the demo. And a candidate of the AfD (German fascist party) was kicked out.
18:30 Some people from the demo have gotten into the forest.
18:35 Police writes on Twitter, that they have “removed a person from an earth-hole”
18:15 Solidarity demo has arrived at the Mahnwache (vigil).
18:00 Part of the tunnel is being measured with a rope. Rather semi-professional.
17:55 Second person has been evicted from the lock-on in Simona, above the tunnel.
17:42 The demonstration started at 5:00 pm, and is expected by the police. By the meadow stand 2 eviction tanks, 1 water-cannon, and 20 police vans. A the gravel pit 6 police-vans and dogs.
17:40 The person on the Skypod is doing well. Press is present, police has drawn back.
16:37 Oaktown: Police has now found the tunnel themselves, and are evicting barricades by hand. In the North eviction is beginning, and the police is finally taking the skypod situation seriously.
16:43 In The North a person is unsecured in a skypod. Police considers cutting the ropes, bringing the activist’s life directly in danger!
16:06 Gallien: Roots and tree stumps are being pulled out of the ground, the holes being filled with sand. This serves to deny and make unclear how big the 40 trees were, that were cut here.
16:00 Oaktown: Despite several warnings, police continues to drive gas fueled equipment around close to the ventilation of the tunnel system. Carbonmonooxid is heavier than air. This puts the life of activists at risk!
15:51 Heard police conversation, saying: “Gallien ist next”.
15:25 Eviction tanks and water cannon preparing to evict the tripod at Lorien.
14:58 Police on the roof of Simona.
14:35 Police is observing the tripod at Lorien, and putting on body armor.
14:35 Two water cannons driving towards Buir.
14:13 Heavy machinery putting the lifes of activists inside the tunnels in danger.
14:05 Police president Weinspach: the forest-walk on Sunday will not be allowed to enter the forest.
14:00 The occupation in the NRW office in Berlin has been evicted.
13:56 Window shards falling from Mona
13:36 Police in cherry pickers deconstructing the Living Room and Mona
13:30 The person on the Living Room is evicted.
13:12 Person in Mona is in the lock-on.
13:10 In Gallien police is cutting trees with traverses, on which activists are climbing.
12:45 Police on the cherry pickers have their weapons drawn.
12: With large machinery near Simona, police is putting the lives of people in danger.
12:39 Under the cabin Simona is a tunnel system with several people locked-on underground.
12:31 Police officers with chainsaws are entering Gallien.
12:31 Cherry picker currently over the Living Room (Treehouse next to Mona)
12:30 An access road to Simona is being cut with several chainsaws.
12:29 Cherry picker directly above the roof of Mona.
12:27 Felled trees are being transported out of Gallien.
12:25 In Oaktiown Mona is being evicted with cherry pickers.
Branches in tree crowns are being cut, close to where people are climbing in traverses. This is very dangerous!
11:40 The crane is 30 meters away from Mona. The path there is being furtherly widened.
11:36 Currently quite quiet in the forest. Eviction of treehouses is being prepared. Trees are being cut soon.
11:12 Eviction team standing in Oaktown, to evict several treehouses. Trees still being cut to make room for machinery.
11:00 Cherry picker is currently close to Mona and the Lving Room, it can begin any moment. All entrances to the forest are closed by cops.
10:45 In Gallien trees keep falling.
10:32 At least 40 trees cut in Gallien.
10:38 Soon begins a spontaneous demonstration at the Mahnwache, towards the meadow.
10:35 Police message on speaker at Fuchur, people are being told to leave the tree.
10:25 Trees being cut in Gallien.
10:10 Police is pushing the press away even further.
09:53 Walkers who stroll around in the area are forbidden to come back, some for up to 7 days. #HambacherForst #HambiBleibt
09:40 Police at the Punkpot in front of Lorien’s entrance
09:37 Office of NRW in Berlin is occupied by Ende Gelände activists.
09:35 Eviction tank plus a hundred of cops at the forest entrance to Lorien. Sitting blockade on the western asphalt road. Clearing vehicle retreats.
09:35 Harvester is now right at the entrance of Oaktown.
08:59 Today, three trees were felled, nine were felled yesterday.
08:45 People in the sitting blockade are being dragged away, they are singing „solid as a rock… rooted as a tree“.
08:05 Ground structures will be evicted first, by the SEK (German SWAT)
08:05 Sit in is protecting the Oaktown Tower.
08:00 Eviction order is read loudly in Oaktown.
07:50 Oaktown completely surrounded, people are singing, press is being kept at a distance.
07:33 Lots of police in and around Oaktown.

See also:
News Ticker – September 1-13

Arrests and confiscation of a minibus on 08/22

On 8/22 two humans and a dog tried to leave the meadow camp with a van to bring food to the external emergency kitchen (for the time of the evacuation and grubbing of the Hambach Forest). For one of the people around here, this equipped minibus is the only living space he has got. It is also used as a mobile KüFA (Kitchen For All) under the name “Alf Partout”. From the camp on the bus was followed by various police vehicles. Shortly before the petrol station in Buir, the police requested the bus by loudspeaker to stop. This request was fulfilled. Subsequently, the occupants were searched under firearms use and their personal data were checked. (Of course, also threatening with a weapon is a use of it, even if the police prefers more harmless terms.) The bus was inspected from the outside. Under the initial pretext of a general traffic control, four to six police officers aimed their service weapons directly at the faces. Despite the heat, the police temporarily forbade the arrested persons to drink.

Another car was stopped and the occupants threatened with firearms. more…

Columbian Post-Colonialist Coal: – RWE #1 Importer

500 years of Resistance in Colombia
Columbian Coal Extractionism: Historical perspective

Inhabited by at least 80 indigenous groups which conquerers attempted to enslave and exterminate, Colombia was subjected to large wave of importation of African slaves, which have rebelled and continued their uprising against colonizers, then land owners and now corporate interests with resistance continuing to this day. Both indigenous and afro-americans do not equate to this day an economic but emotional, and spiritual connection to the land. While the power to this day remains in hands of limited number of rulling families descending from the colonizers. While discrimination and inequality economic and otherwise has led to guerrilla warfare. Together with the struggle grew paramilitary groups compromising private armies protecting landowners and reinforcing the european development perspective, enforced by deeply ingrained racism. more…

Concert: Tortenschlacht and Sissi 30.8, 20:00

Tortenschlacht and Sissi in Hambi
August 30th, 2018, 8 pm

Folk Punkish Acoustic Poetry. Bringing the violin and the guitar, new and old songs, we come and visit the forest! Sissi plays some of his beautiful songs, too! Come to listen, sing and dance with us – stay to support the resistance.

Mit Geige und Gitarre, alten und neuen Liedern im Gepaeck kommen wir zu Besuch in den Forst.
Wir backen Melodien und streuen darauf Worte, bitter, salzig, suess und noch so manch andere Sorte. Sissi spielt auch und traellert vorher seine schoenen Lieder. Kommt und lauscht , singt, und tanzt mit uns. Bleibt fuer den Widerstand, auf dass wir uns reiben und in bitterkalten Zeiten ordentlich Waerme erzeugen.

Eure Torte

Klima Camp in Rhineland: Reportback and Schedule

Its that time of year again! Yeah its the 9th Klima Camp in Rhineland with peeps from around the world coming to a field outside of Erkelenz and next to Garzweiler Mine to address, protest, inspire, connect and resist RWE’s Climate Chaos Coal Regime.

With this year focus on connecting with local and global front-line communities and not mass actions, that will instead take place during Ende Gelände presence in Hambi in October, the camp is smaller this year due also to decentralized climate Camps and struggles taking place all across Europe this year. more…

“Ignorant and Arrogant” Pro-Coal Verdi and IGBCE talk to Activists

IGBCE (“Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energie”) and Verdi are two large unions “representing” German coal and power plant workers that continue to support and be responsible for coal extraction deepening the scope of the climate crisis. With Climate Change denying being less wide-spread in Europe than in US their response instead is to accuse people raising the issue of being “ignorant and arrogant”. This occurred at the first meeting of those Unions and Climate Activists that just took place at Climate Camp in Rhineland. more…

Get ready to prevent evictions!


We currently assume that between 08-22 and 09-22, there will be large evictions in the forest, including an eviction of the occupations. This assumption is underpinned by information that we have been given that specifically targets this period.

What makes us so sure?

During the past few weeks, there have been repeatedly police operations involving climbing police, as well as factory fire brigades and other RWE personnel. Coordinates were collected, tree houses photographed and mapped, and as much information on the tree houses as possible. Therefore, we can assume that police and RWE are gaining an overview of the situation in order to be able to evacuate in the short term.

Past police operations:
Monday, July 30th: Fototour der Polizei im Forst (German only)
Monday, August 6th and Thursday, August 9th: Polizei im Wald (German only)

We need you now! Time is running against us right now and we still have much to prepare for preventing eviction. Prepare yourselves, best get into the forest as soon as possible and speak with your affinity group, if you have one. Whether you want to put up evictions directly in the way or you prefer to participate in a way that does not put you in danger, everyone can help in their own way. You can support us anyway, no matter if you can be here only for a few hours, a couple of days or the entire felling season.

Whether peaceful or militant, the resistance is what counts!

Read also about the question: What to do on Day X?

UPIII 9 months Sentence at Peak of Climate Crisis

‘9 months without parole for UPIII arrested in the Hambach Forest 4 months ago, 9 months sentence for another climate activist resisting fossil fuels as the fire storms break out across the world displacing hundreds of thousands and killing hundreds, 9 months of injustice as now a global heatwave kills thousands more, breaking one all-time temperature record after another. As the largest global emergency ever seen by humanity worsens the local courts in the coal mining region of North Rhine Westphalia, with a long list of politicians openly paid by Coal, are being empolyed to not only normalize and protect the destructive and toxic RWE lignite but are also shamelesly and openly admiting to being tools of political and enviromental repression. Escalating climate crisis repression despite their official agreements during the Climate Summits, the most recent one right here in Bonn, of the necessity of action, offering, now retracted, pledges to decarbonize while instead attacking and imprisoning climate activists such as UPIII for almost a year. Imprisoning those who resist not based on clear evidence but as admitted openly at trial by judge to dissuade and intimidate others not to be active, not to protest and not to blockade and not to engage in direct action against the root of the present Climate Crisis: the ongoing Coal CO2 emissions, with RWE’s being the largest single source in Europe. By taking this course of action the prosecutor Dr. Jost Schützeberg and Judge Königsfeld have joined a growing list of politicians in the region who can be pointed to the future generation as being responsible for climate chaos reality of drought and injustice, of fires and rising water levels and rising waves of repression and normalization of state violence. By engaging in this level of cynism and injustice described below this sentence functions as another call to action to citizens, activists and radicals to resist and block the fossil fuels tyrany of break down, break down of the most elemental thing all us have known and depend on, together with all other species on Earth: the life supporting capacity of the Planet itself. It is up to all to resist, resist like UPIII on this or the other side of the walls and support each other and especially all comrades less privileged than ourselves who are not only in prisons but also fighting this struggle in the streets, barricades and forest of the Global South.

No Judges and Prisons on a Dead Planet!

System Change Not Climate Change!



Report from todays court proceedings:

After hearing a police witness (the hearing of two other officers who were prevented today was ), today, on the second day of the trial, the statements of public prosecutor Dr. Jost Schützeberg and defender Frank Hatlé followed. A report from the first day of the process can be found here:

In its ruling (9 months imprisonment without parole), the court followed the applications of the public prosecutor’s office. In describing the crime, Judge Königsfeld referred in particular to the first police witness who had made a very detailed statement about the incident, saying that although it was only partly possible to support her statements through the evidence videos, the witness had clarified her basic credibility with the accuracy of the statements with regard to things that can be proven by video. Therefore, almost all of their statements were accepted as facts.

The controversial accusation of a serious breach of the peace was thus presented as proven by videos (8-14 people were counted). In the reasoning of the verdict, there was talk of firecracker thrown by an unknown activist, which would have also partially hit. However, the witness had only talked about a branch being thrown. firecrackers would always have missed the mark.

At the time of the 4 Böller throws, which UPIII is said to have carried out, the officers already had their helmets on. After the second throw at the latest, the defendant should have realized that she would not hit. Nevertheless, she continued throwing and “wasted” material. This would lead to the conclusion that there may have been no intention of infringement after all. In so far as an acquittal in relation to “attempted grievous bodily harm.” However, through her presence she supported the first throwing activist physically and psychologically. Therefore, aid.

In the Pladoyer, defender Hatlé discussed in detail the (ignored last week) actual danger of the throws. Certified firecrackers are not capable to cause injuries or blast traumas. The mood of the officers during the mission (laughter) did not indicate any danger.

Why not a suspended sentence?

By violating §111 of the Administrative Offences Act (failure to provide personal details), the defendant had shown that she did not respect the German Code of Criminal Procedure (Attorney Hatlé stated in advance: “Nobody has to contribute to his own conviction.”). Therefore, a new offence of the person is to be expected in the future as well, which is why the person cannot be released on probation. Possible favourable facts (completed vocational training, years of social commitment, no previous convictions) were not evaluated. It was even more punitive that the accused was doing well due to frequent visits and numerous letters and further support in prison, which is why so far there could not be any talk of a real punishment suffered together with remorse. Before she started, she had been questioned about her conditions of detention. She had not mentioned the big problems (poor nutrition for her as a vegan, harassment by a female prison guards).

What is also interesting is the part that seemed more important than the actual criminal charge: the failure to provide personal details. Already on Sunday evening, public prosecutor Schützeberg had written an e-mail to Judge Königsfeld saying that the exact personal details of the accused were known. Defender Hatlé had not been informed what should have happened according to the Code of Criminal Procedure (in case of new facts relevant to the trial). This was sharply reprimanded by the defender. The defendant now confirmed her already known personal details and took a closer look at her person. The defender denied, however, that the previous non-statement may be penalized more severely. Another interesting possibility is that the investigating authorities may have been aware of the personal data since March 24. At that time there was a search request to the consulate of the country from which UPIII comes. It stated that the missing person was in a “forest near Aachen, in a group belonging to the left-wing extremist spectrum”, with precise personal details. If this information did not already lead to an identification at that time, the authorities may have worked more sloppily than they did with the NSU right wing terror cell trial recently after 7 years.

The public prosecutor hinted that “support for the Hambach forest occupation” could already be considered a criminal offence. After all, this would also cover the numerous crimes committed there. The defense attorney, however, estimated the seriousness of the crimes to be in the lower range; there could be no question of a seriousness in the medium to heavy range. Compared to the fireworks thrown on New Year’s Eve and the events that took place weekend after weekend in and around Bundesliga football stadiums, the long pre-trial detention was already absolutely inappropriate. The accusations are totally exaggerated and not proven, the accused is to be acquitted.

In the end, the judge considered his verdict as a cautionary example. He wished for a preventive effect, especially with regard to the coming cutting season. The defence has one week to appeal. The defendant remains in custody until the judgement becomes legally effective. (GF)





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