We need new climbing material, communication equipment and other stuff (actual donations V)

actual donations V

After the destruction of numerous living spaces and infrastructure, we urgently need the articles below. Attention: Most of this is likely to be confiscated by the police, So try to come late in the evening and avoid the direct routes. If you have any questions call us: +49 152 1308 0071

This list is updated continuously..

  • Climbing harnesses best equipped with the necessary accessories. With the following list you can go to a climbing shop and get help. Total price for a harness with equipment will be about 80 euros. See also Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock-climbing_equipment
    • Hip belt, size M-L
    • Four screw gates, two of them small, two HMS
    • A figure 8
    • 7m accessory cord 6mm
    • 7m dynamic climbing rope, ca. 9-10mm
    • Optional: 10m webbing sling material
    • Optional: a screw gate connector
    • Optional: tandem pulley
  • A smartphone with good battery life, please bring to Gallien
  • No longer needed mobile phones and SIM cards
  • Walkie-talkies. The meadow, Gallien and Lorien would be happy to have some. Possibly also other villages, no feedback until now.
  • Pocket radios that can receive 87 MHz and higher.
  • Batteries
  • Headlamps, binoculars
  • Tents, tarpaulins, hammocks
  • Medical stuff (e.g. Tea tree oil, throat lozenges)
  • Bicycles and D-locks
  • Construction material: ropes of all kinds, fishing line, anything.
  • Tubular scarfs, camouflage clothing
  • Baby stuff, stuffed animals for an art installation
  • Bed sheets, paint, brushes, spray paint, felt-tip pens
  • Laser pointer
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  1. With the hand radios, I recommend the BaoFeng UV-5R or slightly cheaper BaoFeng UV-5S.
    They are cheap (UV-5R around 30 euro on Amazon, cheaper on eBay)
    water resistant/waterproof
    easy programmable (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySag4R2VyBM&list=PLqxUknKiSIv_gQa3g4I6h9fHccCsuKP4V&index=2)
    and good range (5W so give or take 5km)

    They are legal, but I would guess the cops wouldn’t like us talking, so sneak them in just in case

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