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October 1st

20:47 Meanwhile Ghost Town is encircled by four floodlights and two eviction tanks.
20:00 A parliamentary observer is on the way to Ghost Town.
18:52 Press come to Ghost Town, please! Police do not let in water, bottles are emptied in front of the occupants and thrown into the forest. Officer in charge: Who wants to drink must first get out, behind the barrier tape.
17:00 The RWE action is over and people are coming back to the meadow again.
16:11 RWE is causing massive destruction on the meadow.
15:50 In Ghost-Town peace has returned.
15:45 More and more RWE cleaning machines are emerging at the meadow. In addition, personal and bag checks.
15:03 People are being gradually brought away from §11.
14:50 A swath is being made to Ghost Town. For this, many trees are felled.
14:30 Climbing Police is on §11
14:15 All persons arrested during the eviction of solidarity tree house #Streichelzoo in Cologne are free again.
13:38 Lifting platform now at §11
13:13 The soil structures around §11 are now without people.
12:26 Police seemingly come to an end in the meadow. The prisoner transporters have also left.
12:20 The barricades in §11 are slowly tore down. There are still people in it.
12:16 In the meadow, the removal of the prisoners is delayed. Police is overtaxed by protocols and mobs each other.
11:59 People in the sit-in are being beaten and dragged away
11:30 More police inside the barricades of §11. Chainsaws in use. Activists call for press. Observation by members of parliament is on site.
11:26 People are forcibly removed from barricades in §11
11:23 §11: Police climbed on the shovel of an excavator to clear people from barricades.
11:17 Police surrounds Ghost Town and arrests 2 persons.
10:55 The police are throwing away all the bicycles in the meadow. Also the press.
10:20 Chainsaw swingers and police withdraw slightly from the barricades.
09:45 An obviously angry farmer with a tractor is filming the cops fleet at the meadow. He does not seem to agree with how his fields are handled.
09:34 Due to the current situation, many workshops of the Skillsharing camp are canceled today – also in the HambiCamp Manheim
09:24 People wedged themselves in between the barricades at §11. Nevertheless, NRWE personnel saw around them with chainsaws.
09:08 In Cologne, the soli tree house on the “green belt” is evicted.
09:00 At §11, barricades are destroyed with a harvester.
08:52 On the field next to §11 machines (harvesters) and people with chain saws are arriving. Apparently they want to cut a second swath into the forest from here.
08:40 First persons are pulled away from barricades at §11 and lead / carried away.
08:23 In the meadow camp some people are encircled and waiting to be checked.
08:20 From the contact cop comes the information that there is NO judicial decision for the search of the meadow. They rely on the police law (§40), but so far they did not show a search warrant. Meadow owner and lawyer are informed.
08:20 Meadow: Police are looking for building materials suitable for tree houses and barricades. Cops have made identification marks on their uniforms. Justification: danger area, no search warrant read out.
08:14 The meadow is being raided! They take everything that is suitable for building tree houses.
08:11 At §11 the eviction order was read out.
07:17 60 police vans into the gravel pit, 60 in the meadow. First arrests on the meadow. On private property!

September 30th

22:10 Fenrir 2.0 (south-east of Gallien) supposes to be evicted tomorrow. Journalistic support tomorrow morning would be great!
21:50 Families with children are still at Paragraph 11 (#p11), they are going to stay there!
21:30 Barricades and sit-ins are evicted near former #Oaktown and #Ghosttown. The forest has to be completely free of human beings by 7 tomorrow morning.
21:00 People who are checked when they leave the forest, get a Platzverweis, a sent-off, which means that they are forbidden to come back for a certain time.
17:20 Tree near the Aachener Weiher in Cologne is occupied!
17:00 Paragraph 11: Second tripod erected, large trunks are moved to and fro, a giant trunk worn by approx. 100 people – visitors and activists
16:19 Paragraph 11: Hundreds of people celebrate the tree house that is still standing. Barricades are reinforced by visitors and ditches are dug.
15:10 Thousands of people are coming to the Hambach Forest with the forest walk!
15:00 The new hammock village Qualityland has just read its declaration of independence!
12:00 Walk in the forest begins. More than 10,000 people (!!!)
08:30 Ghosttown and §11 are quiet. Barricades are being built and improved. At possible cuts in the forest nails are driven into the trees.

September 29th

20:00 Blockade at Paragraph 11 still standing. People with sleeping bags being let in.
19:50 Eviction tank near vigil enters the forest.
19:28 Pretty many cops going in the direction of Fenrir. Barricades being fortified.
18:55 Police lifts the official barrier around Paragraph 11, and seems to be leaving.
18:20 Several police-vans moving from Manheim to the Secu-road.
17:50 Hambicamp: On the parking, cars aren’t allowed to stand in the middle anymore. The “Ordnungsamt” (public order office) is giving notice, that they would remove the cars there.
17:45 Demonstration going towards the protest vigil.
17:20 Construction happening in trees south-west from Paragraph 11.
16:45 In Ghosttown, 3 new platforms are being build, and barricades are being fortified. Police with shields are pulling out.
16:33 The path direction Paragraph 11 is being guarded with police-dogs.
16:30 Currently not even the fortifying of the barricade under Paragraph 11 is being prevented by the cops.
16:03 Sitting-blockade is blocking the crossroad to the freshly cut path towards Paragraph 11.
15:50 Police is strengthening their lines in front of Paragraph 11. Currently no one comes through to the barricade under the tree house. At the same time police is kettling (encircling) people in Ghosttown (close to the Meadowcamp)!
14:50 Three sitting blockades on the path between Paragraph 11 (#P11) and the gravel pit. Police are using their batons. Sitting-blockades continually being re-arranged. Third announcement: without an official assembly leader the assembly will be dispersed.
14:33 Two people in the trees by Fenrir. Cherry picker moves away.
14:24 Currently no chainsaws to be heard from Paragraph 11. Barricades around the tree house still standing. Many people present.
14:07 Protesters on the ground are kept away from Paragraph 11 by bored cops and barrier-tape.
13:50 Sitting-blockade still at §11. People are singing and yelling loudly.
13:40 Fenrir is officially lost. Barricades and tree house being tore down. One person is still in the trees.
13:25 Paragraph 11: Machine continues eating trees around the tree house. The path is being expanded.
13:15No more people on Fenrir.
12:59 Digger gives up and leaves the area around Paragraph 11, after the area was blocked by activists in the sitting blockade.
12:42 Sitting-blockade in front of §11, to stop bulldozers and the expansion of the path. Police is present, but still calm.
12:40 Fenrir: Police attempts to bring the last person out of the tree house.
12:25 Paragraph 11: Police walking around on the ground and preparing the path.
12:14 Fenrir: 2 activists evicted from the tree house, one already transported away.
12:17 Currently no eviction machines at Paragraph 11. Tripod is still standing. Chainsaw sounds can be heard from Fenrir.
12:15 At §11 a path is being cut from the road between the protest-vigil and Jesus-point. The eviction is being prepared.
11:45 Police preparing to evict the tree house Fenrir.
11:15 Several people on Paragraph 11: “If we are still here tomorrow, please come by!” Police is walking aimlessly around on the ground.
11:00 Lorien: The tree houses here are still being destroyed and thrown to the ground. The police worked on the lock-ons in tree houseGesocks (Mike-town) throughout the night (around 8 hours).
10:00 Video from $ 11 Hambi Chaos Crew
09:28 Paragraph 11: Not all people living here have heard the eviction notice. A tripod is being attacked, even though people are still inside the connected barricade.
09:20 Paragraph 11: People are inside the barricades. The cops still standing there and waiting.
09:14 People from the building-authorities are refusing to give a written eviction notice to the people in §11.
09:00 § 11: Eviction notice is being read aloud. Treehouse being encircled.
08:54 Paragraph 11: 20 Cops standing northwest from the tree house. Walking through the boar-homes. Below the Imperial March is being whistled.
07:23 §11: Cops have left again. The mood is good. Barricades are being reinforced and coffee is being cooked.
Morning update: Activist in Lock-on in Miketown evicted late in the night. Jus is still in the trees, with supporters on the ground.

September 28th
Yesterday’s videos: @le0nenrique @imageschaden
Today’s videos: @anettselle und @HambiChaos ( §11 )

20:38 Cherry pickers leaving Lorien.
20:10 Lorien: Two activists have come down from the trees, and were allowed to leave. One person is still up.
19:53 On Gesocks the work on breaking the lock-on continues, after a longer break.
19:30 Lorien: 3 people are still up. Climbing police is chasing one person on traverses, and want the person to come down. A police officer said that they will “only” destroy the tree houses, and that people will be allowed to leave, but it seems different.
19:37 Four cops at Paragraph 11. Without helmets. Keeping distance, and just looking.
18:45 In Lorien all tree houses have been evicted. 3 activists are still in the trees.
18:00 The tree house Gesocks in Miketown is destroyed around the activist in concrete lock-on.
17:30 Kleingartenverein is completely evicted.
17:00 Police and RWE move away from Fenrir, under euphoric applause!
17:00 Sitting blockade encircled. RWE workers continue to fell barely 20m away from the sit-in. Approximately 60 cops on site.
16:54 Police are asking people to leave the area around §11. 15 people in the sitting blockade.
16:47 At §11 people are pushed aside to cut down more trees. Sitting block starts.
16:40 At tree house §11 there are about 40 people on the ground. Police try to encircle people. RWE workers are just standing around. Police do not have helmets on. Hardly any press there. Everything quiet, waiting mood.
16:30 People are being taken out of hammocks between Lorien and Miketown.
15:30 RWE cutting many trees on the way to Gesocks (Miketown)
15:14 The first person is being transported by a cherry picker from platform Pythagoras in Lorien
15:00 Cherry pickers reaching tree houses in Lorien and Miketown
14:45 In Lorien soil structures still being destroyed.
14:08 Barricades being built at §11. Parliamentary observers are present.
12:40 Cops leaving from §11.
11:30 The tree house §11 (near the gravel-pit) is being surrounded by around 60 cops. People are singing.
11:26 Under the tree house Herr Nilson in Lorien, a grenade from World War 2 was found.
11:02 All cherry pickers used in #Lorien eviction have license plates removed.
10:36 The sitting blockade is being dispersed, now the structures on the ground are being destroyed.
09:50 Sitting blockade being evicted bit by bit.
08:40 Under a tree house in Lorien a sitting blockade is forming.
08:20 The cops are arriving in Lorien, 5 tree houses still occupied, around 30-40 people on the ground, small barricades. Cherry pickers are present.

September 27th
Lorien: read special report

21:18 Police left Lorien.
20:17 People are let into the forest without being checked. In the forest a lot of police. RWE continue their work.
18:56 An ambulance and two cars of emergency physicians entering by Securoad into the forest. Large part of the demo started by Buir in the forest sheered off, police in the forest rather rough.
18:15 Many load-bearing ropes have been cut. Discussions. The fire brigade tries to mediate between police and activists.
17:50 The fallen person is well, bruises and sprains, but nothing serious. Backpack and many small branches prevented worse.
17:16 Message from a tree house in Lorien: A rope in which 3 activists were secured, has been cut by police.
16:37 Lorien: Currently 5 tree houses outside the police-barrier. Within probably four are still occupied.
14:25 In the eastern part of the forest, biologists are closing off the bats’ holes to prevent them from hibernating in the forest, so that it can be clearcut. The action is being protected by RWE security guards. Between construction site and ancient gravel pit.
14:00 People are still being removed from the sit-in and carried away.
13:19 Lorien: 5 climbing cops are transported to a tree by a 50m crane. At the same time they evict by lift on the neighbouring tree.
12:55 RWE attaches cameras to trees, near gravel pit.
12:20 Police are trying to disperse the sitting block under the tree house. People are being massively mistreated.
12:12 A person is pulled from a hammock into a lift
12:09 Tripod evicted in Lorien. There are still people in hammocks nearby.
11:40 Searches and ID-checks near the hangar.
11:18 Behind the occupied tripod and the tree house, a lane in Lorien is being cut into the forest.
11:00 Person in hammock evicted from tripod.
10.55 Sitting blockade outside Lorien has been evicted. At the same time the police moved further into the forest.
10:48 Under a tree house, a new large sitting blockade. People sing and yell at the police.
10:44 Massive turmoil in Lorien. Press is harassed and prevented from work. Under a tree house, a large sitting blockade has formed.
10:31 People sitting on the ground are being tortured and beaten in front of the camera.
10:30 Lorien: Police drive people into the forest. Beating, shoving, shouting.
09:46 Injured person was brought away
09:44 “Last” police announcement. Assembly is dissolved. Human chain link their arms with each others.
09:40 One person in Lorien got hurt. Emergency doctor and fire brigade present.
09:20 At least 5 people are sitting in a tree behind the tripod in Lorien. The crane approaches them.
09:12 Crane has driven up. Police demand people to leave the area.
08.45 The road is probably finished. Heavy devices removed. Police continue to face about 50 activists.
08:40 Large eviction convoy under Taka Tuka (Lorien)
08:11 The eviction order is read again in Lorien. People face the cops chain.
08:00 The work continues at the Lorien access road. They are asphalting it.

September 26th

18:30 USK trains arresting on the hangar site and then moves towards Kleingarten.
17:42 All tree houses in KGV have been evicted. Five people still in the trees.
17:30 Moop Mama playing in Lorien
17:08 Sitting-blockade in Lorien under the tripod, activists are singing “Deine Schuld” by Die Ärzte.
16:58 All tree houses in KGV have been evicted, except for Rentner*innenglück and the Ship. Cherry picker on the way to these last tree houses in Kleingartenverein.
16:45 Police confiscates the mobile phone of a journalist, who was live-streaming in front of the detention centre GeSa.
16:30 Kleingartenverein: Police cuts one of both ropes of a walkway, on which an activist is standing. They are now only secured at one rope. Life-threatening!
16:25 Lorien: A sitting blockade of 140 people in front of the police lines, protecting the tree houses.
16:23 Kleingartenverein: Strohbett is being evicted.
16:00 Kleingartenverein: The toilet-platform Scheissverein is being evicted. One activist has already been brought to the ground, another one is still climbing.
15:49 Lorien: Police now has free access to the tree houses Taka Tuka, Zweigheim, Wilde 13, and the tripod and monopod.
15:41 The tree houses Swing and La Dolce Vita, close to Kleingartenverein, have been evicted.
15:04 We received a message, that police isn’t reacting to people yelling for first-aid. Two people today had to go to the hospital already. To some of the paramedics a sending-off was pronounced.
14:31 Lorien: People preparing to lock-on, in order to delay the eviction.
14:30 Kleingartenverein: The tree houses Rentner*inglück, Ship, Strawbed and the toilet platform Scheissverein are all still occupied.
14:27 An activist threw themselves next to one of the construction trucks at Lorien. Cops reacted immediately, and hauled them off.
13:15 Lorien: RWE workers cutting trees next to activists in hammocks.
12:59 Kleingartenverein: Hessehaus is evicted. New cherry picker arrives.
12:55 Lorien: The trail to Takatuka is cut: trees being felled, sand poured over it. Deer is evicted and destroyed. At Herr Nilson and Rotten End was read the evacuation waffle. Cherry picker already in T-Town.

12:00 BFE advances in Lorien. RWE with chain saws and bulldozers in action, trees being felled.
11:30 Streaming person (Thanks!!) is taken by lift from Deer and asked below to stop the stream. Here are the videos again: Part 1, Part 2
11:20 Eviction Notice has just been read aloud in Lorien.
11:00 Kleingartenverein: Hessehaus / guest platform is being evicted, people are being carried away. But suddenly two new tree houses are hanging in the crowns: Swing and La Dolce Vita. And the toilet is still occupied!
10:44 The eviction of T-Town is being prepared. People on the spot need support!
10:13 Lorien, Deer: Person in hammock is taken away first. 5 climbing cops on site.
10:02 Lorien: Climbing Cops on Deer. Live stream, links see above.
09:50 Sitting block in KGV still there.
09:26 Kleingartenverein: a lot of police, eviction first sitting block finished, second sitting block still in progress. Barricades are still standing. Two harvesters on site.
09:20 Lorien: Eviction Order is read, cherry picker arrives.
09:15 In Kleingartenverein co2ps and a cherry picker were spotted.
08:46 Lorien: Under Deer has just been read the evacuation waffle. Meanwhile, a new house was built in Lorien. Welcome to Pythagoras!
08:45 The eviction begins in Kleingartenverein (allotment garden club). People in sitting blockade on the ground and on platforms in the trees. Climbing cops on site. But still no press.
08:15 20+ supporters arrive in Lorien while police increase their night shift. It is possible to get in here.

September 25th

20:00#kleingartenverein will not give up. 4 tree houses still occupied. On the ground new barricades being build.
19:30 In Cosytown still 4 people above former tree house Lump in the trees with hammocks.
19:00 Lorien relativey calm. Cops have been here, but left again. Hydraulic lift at the junction to Lorien. On the main roads a lot of action. Until now no tree houses evicted.
18:50 Police car got stuck in mud. Another car tried to pull it out.
18:44 10 police vans from the South on their way in direction to Lorien. Now parked at the edge of the forest.
17:55 The memorial for Steffen was taken away by activists this morning and is now rebuilt.
17:40 Two activists have thrown themselves in front of an eviction vehicle. Got taken away by police.
17:30 Crustpot got evicted. Police comes closer with heavy machines.
17:00 “There is no right to drive a cherry picker!” Eviction of a tripod in Lorien is loudly accompanied. A person is taken away by police. RWE is transforming their paths in the forest into highways.
17:00 While police and activists in Lorien are facing each other, a tripod gets evicted there.
16:36 In Cozy-Town one activist from Bambule evicted. Person seems to be weakened but not hurt.
16:24 In Cozy-Town still two activists left. In Beech-Town remaining tree houses being evicted.
15:54 Human chain with more than 50 people is protecting Lorien. The situation seems tense but nothing is changing for the last 30 min.
15:54 All around an activist in Cozy-Town has been felling and sawing for over 30 minutes. He covers his ears and has put on protective goggles.
15:32 Sanis (medical helpers) are not let through to #Lorien.
15:16 Many BFE units (counterterrorism!) in Lorien, last barricades on the paths cleared with the harvester.
15:14 Police declares crowd near Lorien a meeting, so they can disperse it “legally” in case of people being disguised.
15:03 Within a few minutes, a tree house has been demolished in Cozy Town.
14:59 Climbing police inspects Lorien. (from the ground)
14:38 One hundred of police march into Kleingartenverein.
13:58 The eviction begins in Cozy Town. At the edge, supporters sing and shout against it.
13:00 Lorien: An excavator is approaching a barricade with many people sitting behind it. It is driven away by an individual who abseils from a traverse above it.
12:10 4 Prisoners of the railway blockade are being paraded in Bergheim to the judge. Come to the court Bergheim, Kennedy Straße 2! They also will be happy about any protest calls / faxes / emails: +49 2271 809-0
12:02 Two people from Beechtown left the trees on their own and were brought away.
12:00 Heavy equipment is on the way to Lorien, barricades are pushed to the side.
11:32 am Beechtown: 2 giant cranes, 2 elevators, 12 climbing cops and 6 SEK people present. Cops are in Tree House Lump (Cosytown), including a 6m crane. Activists in the tree above.
11:30 More than 50 people at blockade in Lorien, besides that tripods with people in hammocks hanging between them.
10:50 Police are withdrawing from Lorien, but probably only for a short time.
10:40 Police trying to close the road between Lorien and Beechtown. A lot of police in Lorien. Lifting platforms are taped so that company names can not be recognized.
10:21 They are coming! Lorièn gets harassed. All tree houses and trusses are occupied, no cut possible without endangering people!
10.08 In Lorien the tripod is evicted.
10:04 Police line up around Lorien in the street.
10:00 In Beechtown is being evicted. Four activists are allowed to bring flowers and candles to safety from police.
09:35 Memorial to Steffen destroyed by police. “We are speechless”. 56m giant crane with basket was sighted.
09:33 Cosytown still surrounded, the last floor structures are destroyed again.
09:05 Police surround Cosytown, prepare to continue expulsion.
09:03 At the entrance to the gravel pit, only press may enter to the forest. After ID check, a platzverweis (sending-off) is immediately issued to the others. They threat all people without a press card who want to enter the forest with custody.
08:55 Cherry picker is entering Beechtown.
08:40 Eviction order is read out in Beechtown. Memorial for Steffen has to be dismantled. Hundreds at Punkpod in Lorien.
08:27 Water cannon came by Securoad into forest.
07:44 Many cops in Beechtown and Cosytown. There Bambule was re-occupied and waits to be evicted for the second time. 4 houses still in Kleingartenverein, where the destruction / eviction ended yesterday at 9:00 pm. There and in Lorien still no evictions.
01:00 7 people set free at night. 4 more kidnapped. #HambisImExil
00:45 At a checkpoint between Buir and the vigil, the police took people’s sleeping bags away. Outside temperature Buir: 8° C.

September 18-24

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