Since 7:30 AM police officers of the German state, in cooperation with RWE employees, have been clearing ground structures and barricades in the occupied Hambach forest.
Huts, shelters, and other necessary infrastructure (including compost-toilets and kitchens) have been destroyed all over the forest.

In clearing the road for their machinery, the police evicted three occupied barricades; two tripods and a monopod. In order to protect the structure, an activist locked themselves on in a 2.5 meter deep tunnel below the tripod.
Although they were equipped with a cherrypicker and several climbing-cops, the cops did not manage to fully evict the barricades before 17:20.

The people evicted from the barricades were alongside other activists violently arrested, and put into detention in the city of Aachen, excluding one activist, who was brought to the hospital in Bergheim with a broken arm, as a result of state violence
Outside the detention center supporters gathered to welcome the activists once released, but even this peaceful support was harassed by the police,

This attack on the movement for climate-justice in the Rheinland marks one of the largest escalations from the German police in the struggle for the Hambach forest.

While the police aggressively attacked the protest-camp, around 700 people attended a demonstration walking from the nearby city of Buir along the forest, protesting the dismantling of civil-rights and the clearing of the 12.000 year old forest, by fossil-fuel-giant RWE. The demonstration, a colourful group of people young and old, was escorted by a large amount of police officers, as well as cops on horses. The demonstration ended at the edge of the forest, and people could enter the forest unhindered.

The frontlines have been clearly drawn, with the state fighting on the side of RWE and the coal-lobby, and activists fighting for the preservation of nature and climate justice.
This day is only one of many more to come, and Day X seems to be coming closer every hour.



Currently RWE employees in cooperation with the police forces of the NRW are evicting ground- and Blockadestructures in the Hambach Forest occupation.

Since 7:30 AM, a large amount of police officers have begun a violent eviction in the occupied forest protest-camp, further escalating the situation in the struggle about the 12.000 year old forest.

The huts, tents and improvised shelters being destroyed by the forces of the German state function not only as a base for organizing the resistance, but as a living space for a large group of people.
The repressive police action is therefore not only an attack against the movement for the preservation of the forest and for climate justice, but an attack on autonomous spaces worldwide and alternatives to the capitalist system.

The destruction of the ground structures includes the eviction of an occupied barricade, a so-called tripod, where activists are currently locked on, to further complicate the work of the police.

This violent escalation follows the call from Herbert Reul, interior minister of NRW, for a policy of “zero-tolerance” towards the climate activists in the forest. In this way Herbert Reul actively protects the interest of the energy-company RWE and the coal-lobby.


Ticker 5 September

Ticker (check also twitter @HambiBleibt @Oaktown1312 )
5. September
11:53 Around the tripod at the “Jesuspoint” a big operation is happening. Climbing cops are there. A heavy machine drove over what they previously called a dangerous “bomb”. They did not call a bomb disposal engineer.

11:46 Ground structures in Lorien have been removed. One tripod is still standing.
11:35 Since last night at 4:30 2 people have been in the Gesa (detention center) in Aachen. One of them has been allowed to use the phone now, for the first time. They did not get any food. Come to the Gesa! Bring tobacco and vegan snacks.
10:55 Cherry picker wanted to evict the lowest platform in Lorien. When someone occupied the platform, the cherrypicker stopped. The ground in oaktown is being evicted very thoroughly by the police. A small tripod in Lorien has been pushed over by an eviction tank, a big tripod is occupied.
10:34 Climbing cops at the tripod. Person is buried in hole, 2,5m deep,with the left arm in a lock-on. Cherry picker in oaktown
10:14 Eviction team of the cops gets to the tripod and monopod structure at the jesus point.
9:32 the eviction of everything on the ground in oaktown has started. In the background the cops and RWE are called names by activists.
9:27 Police heard the name Mike in oaktown: Is he not living on the meadow?
9:25 Person, who had been arrested near the flying field, was set free.
9:16 Police has found an art installation and is getting support from a bomb disposal team
9:09 One person arrested near the flying field
9:00 Riot cops and security at oaktown. Calls and howling sirens from everywhere
8:58 Technical unit at the tripod at the entrance of the forest near Deathtrap. They brought a cherry picker with them
8:04 Meadow surrounded by cops
8:00 Cops at the meadow drive aimlessly from left to right. Historical barricades are being evicted
7:40 Lorien is surrounded. Eviction works started around the lake at oaktown
7:31 Armoured cops (about a hundred) enters the forest at Deathtrap very carefully. A lot of eviction vehicles and security guards, but still manageable. Inspection of the forest on the main roads
6:00 meadow calm, some vehicles at deathtrap

Press announcement: 05.09.2018

Press announcement: 05.09.2018

Invitation to press conference on Day X

Since August 26th the Hambach Forest has been in the crosshair of a massive police action, and we have reason to believe that an eviction of the Hambach Forest occupation soon could be a reality.

While thousands right-extremists in Chemnitz are hunting refugees and migrants, the Hambach Forest will be subject to one of the largest police actions that the state of NRW has ever seen. The lines are being crossed, and the State and police are undermining civil rights and democracy, in the name of the capitalist system.

The Hambach Forest, a forest that has existed since the end of the last iceage and for the last 6 years has been occupied by activists, has by now become a symbol of resistance.
The protest points its finger at the people who put profit before sustainability and social justice.
We want to point out and dismantle the extraction of brown-coal (lignite), and its absurd destruction of landscapes, villages and the environment.

Day X: on the day where the first tree in the Hambach Forest falls, we, the action-alliances that fight for the preservation of the forest, will hold a press conference.

Leila, an activist from the occupation, says about the current situation:
“The state of NRW is right now directing its violence against the people protecting nature and fighting climate change. This is an attack on the whole movement for climate justice, and clearly shows the reactionary face of the capitalist state.”

It is still unclear how the police will act on Day X, but we will keep you informed when the time comes.

Please direct press contact towards:

Further actors of the press conference:

Aktion Unterholz
Emil Freytag, 0177 5944676,,

Ende Gelände!
Karolina Drzewo, 0152 04560800,,

Buirer für Buir,
Andreas Büttgen, 0173 5146141,

Unilateral Escalation?!

“If this unilateral escalation continues, it will end bitterly.”

We are surprised that Robert H., a contact cop, so realistically assesses the current tactics of the police. Because with “unilateral escalation” he can only have meant this. This quote is from the evening of August 25th, so it’s one week old. The first part of this text is just as old. The events of the last week, however, confirmed many times the statement “If this unilateral escalation continues, it will end bitterly.”.

On Wednesday, 8/22, a minibus was checked, the police approached the car only with their firearms aiming from only a few meters away on the heads of the people involved, as well as on passengers of another stopped car.

Two days later, there was a major police operation in the forest. Only one day later, the police returned, under the pretext of wanting to remove an art installation of fire extinguishers within hours after their discovery. This is remarkable, because in the spring they took note over many weeks of a very similar installation with just one fire extinguisher, but ignored it.

The operation was announced by Robert H. by saying “some officers” would come into the forest. With “some officers” he obviously means several hundred, because a police operation with less than 3-4 hundreds seems to be impossible. One and a half hours after they retreated early in the evening, they moved back in and surrounded the tree houses, while at the same time others filmed the meadow.

Meanwhile, a loudspeaker car drove up at Lollytrap (eastern entrance of the forest), just to play the Ride of the Valkyries and chainsaw noises once and then drive off again.
Remark: Hitler was known to be a great Wagner fanatic. The Valkyrie Ride was one of his favorite pieces. In the German weekly newsreel (Deutsche Wochenschau) on May 30, 1941, the Valkyrie Ride was played as background music to recordings of the airborne battle over Crete, as well as to the report of the bombing of the St. Petersburg-Moscow railway line. Coincidence?

One day later the same game. Several hundreds besiege tree houses in the west of the forest because they apparently could not complete on Saturday. Some of them seem to be enjoying spraying pepper spray on activists’ toilet paper, others are destroying paths out of boredom (so much for the “escape routes”) and soil structures.

The walk to the prison in Cologne-Ossendorf, where UPIII (Samantha) has been sitting since March (and according to judgment until just before Christmas) because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, is completely arrested.

Monday morning, the meadow is completely surrounded, for several hours people can not go to the toilet, because members of parliament and government officials want to look at the forest.

In Chemnitz, the police are completely overrun by Nazis on the same evening, who hunt down anyone who does not look German enough or whose opinion does not suit them. Tuesday morning we know why: just as many police as in Chemnitz faced thousands of Nazis storm the meadow, where 40 people are found. For every activist came almost 15 cops. Allegedly, they were searching for Molotov cocktails, but they preferred to destroy buildings, arbitrarily taking away phones, legal defense documents, ID cards, canisters, timber and heating wood, all tools, but also e.g. stuff for knitting, soap and two full beer crates.

Since Friday, the police have been checking every one who is leaving Buir towards the north, where the forest is. At times, water was not allowed to be taken, mostly climbing equipment and tools of all kinds are seized. Only after hours of discussion on several days (because “brushes can also be used as spears.”!), two artists finally were allowed to take their approx. 1000 Euros expensive painting equipment into the forest. The repression thus reached a new level of ridicule.
In the Hambi things seem to be normal, for which the Saxon police was rightly reprimanded by their superiors.
The statement of the police that “things of daily needs” may be taken into the forest, is probably interpreted as “what cops use every day”. However, in the armoury of the police we would probably not walk very far…
The police even trample on the right of assembly, which is above the police law, by searching people on the way to the registered vigil and even at the vigil itself.

I think it’s clear who is escalating here unilaterally.

Demonstration For Hambi, Wed 5.9 Possible Eviction Day

Securing of evidence?This was a house before the so-called securing of evidence. Click for an enlargement


Regardless of, and perhaps especially because of the now 3 weeks of massive police actions: barricade clearings, constant harassment, arrests (now of 26+ all but 2 now released) meadow raid and confiscations, and now the information that large police action might be planned for this Wednesday the response to all this Climate Killing Bullshit has just been freaking phenomenal.  Supporters have been constantly streaming in and despite the searches, bringing over a ton of eviction food and supplies (with tools, pallets and climbing supplies being stolen by the co2ps).  Hundreds have visited, stayed and supported regardless of constant harassment even of the official protest Mahnwache, access to which is “legally” guaranteed without id checks and controls (those pressing this issue have been able to get in without being checked, others have just given their names without presenting ids). Also please remember that the forest is large so it is really hard to cut off all access from outside… more…

September: Forest walk every sunday

In September, there are five (!) Sunday walks, every Sunday, always at 11:30 am. Planned is the well-known meeting point near the gravel pit Collas, see maps below. Andreas Büttgen (Buirer für Buir) will guide the first walk, Todde Kemmerich the second one, Eva Töller and Michael Zobel the other three:

“At the end my appeal: come into the Hambach Forest as long as it is still possible, show that you do not want to stand idly by the destruction of the Hambach Forest.”

Enrol here: to indicate that you need somebody for a live translation. more…