Greetings from the Friedensstrasse in Manheim!

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Behind us are exhausting weeks of fighting for the Hambach Forest, which were filled with scenes of violence and escalation by the police against peaceful occupiers and demonstrators.
Despite the provisional clearing stop and the somewhat calming around the quaint forest, the fight for local and global climate justice is far from over! The tree houses, the habitat of so many people in the forest, were destroyed in an emotionally cold way, but the memories remain and we are still here!
For RWE and politicians remain faithful to their crushing and life-negating agenda and always try to confront the public with fait accompli. Although it is still unclear whether the pit will ever be expanded by Manheim, urgently needed homes are razed to the ground every day. Living space, which is needed more and more urgently, due to the gentrification madness in the cities. The fear of the miners of unemployment is instrumentalised to safeguard the profit interests of the corporation and politics. Furthermore, both psychological and financial pressure on the still remaining residents of Manheim are exerted, who did not yet leave the village behind them.
That is why, since last Saturday, we have been occupying the old Eichengarten (oak garden) and the adjoining houses in the Friedens- and Forsthaus-strasse (Peace street and forest house street, nice names, aren’t they?), in order to draw attention to the injustices that are taking place here, which have a far-reaching effect on the planet and all living beings.
Here collective free spaces are being organized by the most different kind of people. Thus, the place offers itself for any events and networking, a cultural and neighborhood center could grow here and the tradition of the former animal sanctuary in the old forest house can be continued. And so Manheim will be revived and continue to live, being a place of resistance!
We are aware that our protest is a thorn in the side of some of the people living around here, and the realistic danger of a physical attack on us is likely. We gather that from hostile denunciations and comments on the Internet and on the sidewalk in front of the houses. However, we also experience a lot of positive, supportive power from the citizens of Manheim and the surrounding area, which makes us very happy and gives us strength and motivation in our struggle! Nevertheless, we are forced to take all measures for self-defense, but do not engage in wanton provocations.
We are determined in the tradition of protests and occupations of the Hambach forest. Only the spaces for which we fight are others, the ground, our intentions and goals however are the same.
So we stand in solidarity with all the inhabitants of the destroyed and threatened villages in the lignite area and demand justice for all those who suffered and still have to suffer under the actions of RWE, supported by the state.

We appeal especially to all people who are being put under pressure by RWE to sell their homes and properties: come over, we are looking forward to visits and constructive talks.
To everyone else, of course, come over too, for tackling, talking, cooking,…

Let us create our world ourselves, at our own discretion!

Until then, anarchist and resistant greetings from the Friedensstrasse!

Manheim lives.

Update The cops in Kerpen, who have been brutalizing for years, seem to be very frustrated. These days, people were arrested by security guards, accused of dumpster diving, and showered with pepper spray as soon as the cops arrived Ironically, this police station is chosen to experiment with new teasers.

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  1. Frances Wright

    please do not let this forest be destroyed. I appeal from my home in England. My family lived in Elsdorf and I visited over 60 years ago and saw the forest in its pristine state, then later the tragedy of the rape (and it is a rape) of its beauty. Surely we were supposed to be working towards a more environmentally friendly way of generating power? So sorry I’m too old to be with you in person and my eyes fill with tears at the thought of the loss to Germany and the world.

  2. sameone going from berlin soon ….im alone and ud like to go with sameone contact

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