The coal-railway

Documentation of an article in Grünes Blatt Nr. 2011/2:
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Actions on railroad tracks

Actions on railroad tracks have a long tradition in the anti-nuclear movement. The Castor transports have turned out to be a sort of Achilles heel of the nuclear industry, by means of which the movement can intervene in the ongoing process chains of the nuclear industry. In response to the protests against the nuclear transports, under the Red-Green government (!) have been built the interim stores at the power plant sites in order to minimize as much as possible the necessary transports. The remaining Castor transports, e.g. in Wendland, have evolved to crystallization points of the resistance. Here various action strategies have been developed to block the transports, to make them more difficult and to boost its material, but in particular its political price, as well as to attract the public attention to the problem of nuclear power in general. There were sit-ins, walks on the rails, gravel actions and other creative forms of action to disrupt the railway traffic, in particular the Castor transports.

To make this wealth of experience available for the young anti-lignite movement, it makes sense to study the technical and strategic importance of the heavy duty trains in the Rhenish lignite mining district. For this purpose the following article may be helpful. Read on »

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