RWE train driver disregarded international emergency signal and brought activists in mortal danger

With a little delay, a report on an incident on Sunday, Oct 28th, 2018

On Sunday evening, a railway blockade by Ende Gelände activists was violently evicted. A train with prisoners from this blockade was stopped by two people in a lock-on and came only to a standstill immediately before the blockade. This gave the police opportunity to a new misrepresentation and accusations of the activists. As we can read in the police press release:

“About 5:00 pm, two people chained themselves to the track in the course of the same. The driver of a rail bus with more than 40 passengers was only able to avoid a collision with the two darkly dressed persons with immediate emergency braking. Fortunately, the rail bus stopped about 10 meters in front of the people. The driver is in shock and is currently being cared for.”

In fact however, a person with a red signal flare had given an international stop signal to the train, 300 meters before the blockade. The people detained in the train had noticed this, as well as a banner reading “People on the track”. They pointed this out to the engineer and demanded him to stop. All of this information was ignored, however, and the engineer did not slow down until people came running from the blockade to stop the train, so that it finally came to a standstill 20 meters before the blockade.

If a train driver ignores international stop signals, especially as he has a clear indication of people in the track bed, the endangerment of human lives can clearly be attributed to him (or rather to RWE and the police, who ordered him to do this job).

Read also the Declaration of the people in this blockade

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  1. This is terrible! Can’t believe the police is doing this. Where did you find the press release from the police? I’m writing an article about the situation and would like to use this statement but need to source it from its original location.

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