Addendum to yesterday’s excavator occupation in Garzweiler

The statement below was sent to us

11/13/2018 Addendum to yesterday’s occupation of an excavator at the bottom level of the open pit mine Garzweiler II
By one of the participants.

First of all: Yes, the excavator was standing still during our occupation, but half an hour before it was still runnung and we assumed, that it was only a brief stop to shift change. As long as RWE does not publish its maintenance plans, this is unavoidable, so come on with the maintenance plans!
The operation was still disturbed anyway, because the work had to be cancelled and must be made up, also the parts of the excavator on which we were locked had to be cut with an angle grinder, which means additional maintenance works 😉

Some more words about the eviction
We are very surprised by the brutality with which most of the RWE employees met us before the police arrived. While a bit lower a colleague in a discussion with an activist propagated the need for nonviolence, several employees on the other side of the excavator, trying to get an activist from the excavator kicked this person, they jumped on his calves and several employees put themselves on the chest of this person. Instead of waiting for the police, they were dragged down the stairs, the head not only once striking the steel steps. Although one foot got caught in the railing, the employees pulled at the person with all their might… There was no danger of flight, because of course the activists have an interest in staying on the excavator for as long as possible. Another activist was also dragged along the running grid, still chained to the 20kg lock-on and then dragged down a staircase.
An employee yelled at a climbing activist who was secured at all times, not to endanger themselves. But then this employee began to tug at the activist without even knowing if they were secured. In one situation, one of the employees, shouting at the person, urged them to come down immediately, then grabbed them with several other employees and said, otherwise they would take care of it themselves. Fortunately, when he started to fiddle with the the activist’s climbing belt, the other employees stopped him. It is absurd to pretend that a person is in mortal danger, while being at the same time the only endangering element.

During the entire action we did not take any offensive action.

To the employees of RWE: Our resistance is not directed against you, but against unbearable climate policy! Do not kick us, but your employers who enrich themselves with your work, as long as it still works, and then leave you alone!

By the way, the police then acted rather calmly. Later, in police custody in Neuss, after trying in vain to take fingerprints from a non-cooperating person, they renounced it entirely with us all. When we got out, they only kept a picture of us with distorted faces and some estimated body data.
→ Resistance is worthwhile!


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  1. Great work, keep on squatting!

    > We are very surprised by the brutality with which most of the RWE employees met us before the police arrived.

    Don’t be. You are trying to kill their jobs.

    > During the entire action we did not take any offensive action

    These workers are scared to loose their jobs and hate you because of that. No need to study to get this.

    > To the employees of RWE: Our resistance is not directed against you

    What a silly statement. Of course is this resistance aimed against those who destroy the forest.

    Please get your positions straight. Hint: the police is not your friend, also not when acting calmly.

    Power to the Cells of Fire

    • Our resistance is aimed against those who destroy the forest. Right. And that is those who give the orders.
      Sorry, but it’s not us who are destroying their jobs. It is not us they should hate.
      It’s the company RWE that is already dead but refuses to notice it. Only one example: Today a German court did not allow them to build a new power plant.
      It’s the so called “union” that still repeats the companies words about the bad eco terrorists instead of demanding a social plan for new good jobs. Also in our lignite region good craftspeople are very rare. Again only one example: 338,700 people work in Germany in the area of renewable energies. The energy revolution creates new jobs, since 2000, the number of these jobs has more than tripled. To generate the same amount of electricity, you need much more people for installation of solar panels etc. than in such big holes and plants.

      What really is surprising, is that the RWE workers still prefer to believe the horror stories instead of opening their eyes and see that what we do is really good for them too. That is to say, for those who are still at work by then. Which is only one third, the younger ones. Maximum. Because even if they would stop digging brown coal today, there still would be work for many years in order to bring everything to a proper end.

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