Call for solidary trial support

Attention: Amtsgericht Jülich postponed trial from 11/27 to Dec. 18th

On Tuesday, november 27th, at 11:10 am, the first trial day against two activists will take place before the Amtsgericht (district court) in Jülich. They are accused of blocking the Hambach railroad at the beginning of July 2017, while the police were largely involved in the G20 summit in Hamburg. (Actions declaration und press review of the occurrence). In lawyer-German are the allegations “Widerstand gegen Vollstreckungsbeamte in besonders schwerem Fall” (§113 Abs. 2 StGB) (resistance to executory officer in a particularly severe case) and “Nötigung” (§240 StGB) (coercion). One of the defendants is also accused of “Sachbeschädigung” (§303 StGB) (material damage).
Of the total of eleven witnesses, the court plans to hear six (five of them cops) on the first day of the trial. Here is a statement of one of the defendants about the trial:

Repression is meant to intimidate, wear down, destroy us, and to make us behave in compliance. But we have resources against it. Our strongest one is solidarity!
What many activists end up with in trials, is not even the punishment that comes out in the end, but the path to it. The feeling of powerlessness and being at “their” mercy every day of the negotiation. This is something I will not play along with. The strongest weapons against this kind of repression for me (in addition to solidarity of course) are self-empowerment and fun. Therefore, I will not rely on lawyers who will lead the process for me, although of course I am grateful to solidary lawyers who offer this. Instead, I will prepare myself for the trial, along with people I enjoy spending time with anyway (which does not mean that I do not like spending time with some lawyers) and actively shape it during the trial.
Just because I have to go to a stupid trial, I will not be stopped from having fun with the people I love, even if this happens in a courtroom. The moment we achieve that, the repression collapses like a house of cards. Therefore, I invite you to spend a great morning together in the district court Jülich and to ensure that the morning is much less fun for judge and prosecutor. And if they see us and are so afraid of us that they interrupt, suspend, or discontinue the trial after a few minutes, then let us just move the party outside. It will be a great shared experience anyway. Do not worry that it could drive up litigation costs. My co-defendant and me both live well below the seizure limit and we don’t have plans to change that anymore in our lives, so we will leave the court sitting on its expense. Party at government expense. Betting on how many witnesses the court actually can hear will be taken until the case is called. (Aufruf der Sache) It would be cool if some people bring snacks and drinks! Gerichte are there to eat!“
Remark: the German word Gerichte means dishes and courts.

When and were:
Tuesday, November 27th, 2018, 11:10 a.m.
Amtsgericht Jülich, 1st floor, Sitzungssaal/room 1.09
Address: Wilhelmstraße 15, 52428 Jülich

A continuation date is scheduled for Tuesday Dec. 11th.

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