Presse Release – Minister of the Interior can not give answers to police violence


Wuppertal, November 19th, 2018 – At a security and crime event held as part of the “LangLese” literature festival “Against Violence”, NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul was unable to escape questions about the recent police violence against climate activism in the Hambach Forest and mass civil disobedience by Ende Gelände.

At the question time the people brought the Minister in clear trouble explaining. Meanwhile, activists stood with their mouths taped in front of the minister in the audience and kept up photos with scenes of recent violence. Herbert Reul was visibly uncomfortable. He prohibited video recordings.

During the police operations in Hambach Forest, taking place under the pretext of fire protection, Reul accepted injuries and deaths after he himself had enforced with fake evidence and fabricated allegations, the largest police operation in recent history. With such a leadership, he not only burns out police forces in nonsensical and dangerous missions, but also endangers people who exercise a democratic fundamental right. Thus, he himself has become an irresponsible threat to democracy. In addition the Interior Minister promotes the social division around the topic of climate justice.

And there are still many questions left::

  • Why did Reul, with one of his first official acts, ensure the abolition of labeling obligations and ensure that police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia can act unpunished?
  • Why did Herbert Reul so deliberately promote the escalation of the conflict in the Rhenish mining area?
  • To what extent does Herbert Reul find it reasonable that climate activists are stalked and threatened at home by lignite fans, under police supervision?
  • Why does Herbert Reul want to introduce now a new police law, which means massively increasing power for the police?
  • Why is there still no neutral supervisory authority for the police in Germany?

We demand an investigation of what happened during the eviction and hope that a large number of attacks will be brought before the courts. At the same time, we demand disarmament of the police, especially with regard to the inflationary use of pepper spray by police officers.

In particular, it is particularly important to re-examine cases that are comparable to the “resistance files” that were no cases of resistance at all, in which activists recently obtained justice in court and received compensation for experienced police brutality (German newspaper article).

No to the new police law for North Rhine-Westphalia! We call you to send a clear signal to the state government in Cologne, on November 24th

Before the event, people who were apparently arbitrarily attributed to the climate activism, according to instructions of the organizer controlled and distributed the hall distributed.
Before the event, people who were apparently arbitrarily attributed to the climate activism were controlled according to information from the organizer and not allowed to enter the hall

Link to the scenes shown Trigger warning: short videos with police violence

Video of the event
Reports and comments to the event:
Our detailed report

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