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November 23rd, 2018
14:15 @HambiChaos: The last of yesterday’s arestees has just been released from Düren courthouse

November 22nd
@HambiBleibt | Enough is Enough! @enough14 | @krahennest | #endor

22:00 During today’s police operation, the meadow camp was stormed by about 100 officers with 20 vehicles and a helicopter under threadbare pretext. Based solely on the assertion of 2 RWE security guards, that a stone was thrown at them. Witnesses can confirm that this statement is false. The personal details of a dozen people were checked using force and two activists were reported on the alleged suspicion of violence. A detailed report will follow later.
20:29 Hambi Bleibt: “Memorials to 2 Hambi comrades who died this year, Steffen & Waka, destroyed by RWE & NRW Police” #RestInPowerWakaRIP WakaRIP Steffen
19:01 Hambi Mahnwache: “Visitors to the vigil told us about the destruction of the memorial site of Steffen today at the place where he crashed and gave us, among other things, these pictures: @HambiMahnwache
17:27 We just got a message, that civil cops are on the motorway near Kerpen, controlling cars that are going direction Hambi. Be attentive!!
16:38 Cops around and in Wiesencamp (meadow) at the edge of Hambach Forest.
15:57 Krähennest @krahennest All the police and RWE employees left the nest. They destroyed our ground structures. but left our toilet and our tree houses in peace. If you want to support us we need food and water. Or when you have time. You all are welcome ♥♡
15:39 The spontaneous sound system soli demo from Buir station is on its way! Strong sound is available. Dancing helps!
15:00 Currently, Blacksocks is encircled and calls for support.
15:00 Next to the meadow occupation, trees are being cut to get to a tree house at Ghosttown after numerous co2ps statements online that there will be no treehouse eviction
14:51 Cops wieder hinter dem Wall, nach Fototour. Cops disappeared behind the wall, after taking pics of Winkel
14:42 ENDOR: After being confronted by loud singing, chanting & 2 layers of barricades, cops leave. Many ground structures: kitchens, tools, sheds and libraries remain destroyed through out Hambach Forest though. Please support with replacements.
14:41 Dirks at the meadow. Remove in her eyes “soil structure”, which is located in the thicket at a height of 3 meters. (Dirk Weinspach is the “Polizeipräsident” in Aachen, responsible for all Hambi operations. So his employees are called Dirks.)
13:34 Spontaneous demonstration from now on at the Buir station because of the current barricade clearings. We are there with sound installation and music. Come numerous and loud! We stay there until 5 pm.
13:14 It is time to defend the forest again! Fight for #ClimateJustice! Come to the #HambacherForst to prepare for an #Eviction! It’s not only about our future!
13:08 The other barrios have already been attacked! All those who can come quickly to Endor to prevent that also our structures are taken apart and then denigrated as rubbish!
12:20 Krähennest being surrounded by #CO2ps. Needing press observers, support solidarity.
10:15 New #livestream by @HambiBleibt from Jesus Point in #HambacherForest. Police operation is ongoing.
09:30 The tripod is occupied. Climbing cops in an elevator contact the person on it.
09:25 Jesus Point. Barricade eviction.
08:22 The operation is confirmed. An eviction is not planned. Barricades are to be removed as well as rubbish? Which rubbish?
08:13 #JesusPoint is surrounded by police!
08:00 ALERT! Helicopter over Hambi, #JesusPoint surrounded, 25 vans on SECROAD, 1 eviction tank, forest full of police! We need press & parliamentary observers!

November 8
14:04 @Tarzan99596976 The police are gone but the biologists are still in the forest.
13:17 Police and RWE secu in the north of the forest, documenting tree houses and soil structures.
12:18 Prisoner transport from @manheimlebt just arrived in Aachen.
11:18 Three people released after being arrested, three more on their way to the Gesa (detention center). Terrain is fenced off.
10:50 Live Video by @need_face
10:12 All people who were inside the @manheimlebt squat are detained and waiting to be brought away. @need_face
09:02 Police are breaking in. They’re already up under the roof. Come quick!
08:38 Fourth announcement by the police, but no one leaves the house.
08:27 @manheimlebt: We are being expelled!! Come quickly to the Friedensstraße!!!

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