Threat of the NRW regime: penalty payment of 20-25,000 euros if the meadow is not cleared until 11.12.2018!

With the threat of a penalty payment of 20-25,000 euros, the NRW regime, represented by the district of Düren, positions now their sharpest cannon to urge me to clear the protest and resistance camp on the meadow at Hambach Forest. A penalty of 20,000 – 25,000 euros, I can not come up with it just like that.

Then first off I will just have to endure any enforcement measures of the district of Düren, possibly even executions in the meadow, starting with entry of a security mortgage and subsequent compulsory auction of the meadow,

… which is possibly the actual goal of the NRW regime in the hitherto unsuccessful “war of annihilation”, which the NRW regime has been waging against my person for years,

… at least since 2017, with measures and methods that fulfill the predominant features of state terrorism, as Alex P. Schmid describes in his work Political Terrorism: A Research Guide, New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1984,.

Buir, Nov. 23rd, 2018
Kurt Claßen

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