Open letter by a unionised worker to the employees of RWE in the open pit and elsewhere

This text was written after my discussion with RWE employees, who were in November 2018 at the so-called RWE forest walk in Hambach Forest. Initially, the situation was very emotional and polemical, but over time, more and more controversial discussion developed.

This discussion should be continued herewith:

Let us fight together for a world worth living

I was a worker, toolmaker in the automotive industry, organised and active in the Union IG Metall, active in the shop, works council and shop steward.
Now I am 66 years old, retired and active in preserving the rest of the Hambach Forest and against lignite mining.

You may ask: what makes him doing that? more…

Millions of ducks, geese, pigs, turkeys, carps, cows, chickens, rabbits, roes

It’s that time again: the feast of peace is upon us. Millions of ducks, geese, pigs, turkeys, carps, cows, chickens, rabbits, roes and others have to put their heads on the block for it. I’m dreaming of a red Christmas. Their horrible lives end with a horrible death, so that on Christmas eve they are put on tables where is more disputed than on any other day. It is so nice to put the corpse of a victim of violence on the table at such a peaceful celebration. Before that, gifts have to be bought, in brightly lit pedestrian precincts or at mail-order stores, which treat their employees like the last piece of shit to squeeze more out of them. more…

Report of the trial on 12/12 in Daun

The most important first: The law suit because of dumpster diving, on 12/12 before the Daun district court, was abandoned against 50 social services hours (to be completed at an association or society, chosen by the accused and the defense attorney).

Even before the beginning of the trial, some remarkable things happened. First of all, many people were there early on in order to accompany the trial in solidarity. So first a big thank you to all who were there. In particular, the partly long travel routes and the large age range impressed us very much. At some moment also appeared the police witness, an unsympathetic officer named Rönsch (from Kempten in Bavaria, where the real supermarket is located, which made the criminal complaint). more…

News Ticker December 2018

December 19th, 2018
Vergissmeynnicht, Photos of the memorative celebration for Steffen Meyn
More photos

December 18th, 2018

13:27 The spectators of the trial “Hambach railway from 7/7/17 in Jülich” were expelled. It’s still a public trial. The press is present.

The release of climbing harnesses in Aachen
See the invitation to the celebration of the liberation of climbing harnesses: 18.12 Aachen
13:16 Gesa_Support_AC @AcGesa Yeaaaahhh!!!! We were able to release 10-15 harnesses! The effort was worth it! #besseralsweihnachten #AcGesa und #KLF feiern, #hambibleibt
12:24 Hurray, it works out. The unknown activist @UAktivistin recovered her harness! (and remained unknown) #hambigehtweiter #KlettergurtLiberationFeier #hambibleibt #hambacherforst #KlettergurtLiberationFront #hambi

December 12, 2018 more…

Report Hambi Bats Action Group

Personal report by Christiane, written on November 19, 2018

All tree caves are open again!

5 weeks of intensive commitment to the opening of tree holes are behind us – now the goal is reached!

A GREAT THANK YOU to all who were involved with heart and hand: activists, friends, visitors, biologists. Everyone helped in giving back place to live to bats, birds and dormice and making Hambi more alive. more…

Some personal thoughts on police action against Crow’s Nest on Nov.22th,2018

Peace to the huts – War to the palaces
The police action on Thursday, Nov.22th,2018, to destroy all soil structures in the barrio Crow’s Nest (German Name: Krähennest) on Thursday shows once again exemplarily how mischievous are the justifications and press releases of the police and their related media.
Contrary to the claims, in Crow’s Nest there were neither barricades nor escape routes, which could have been cleared.

“Garbage and other items that do not belong in the forest”?
It is cynical to describe our kitchen and our teepee with a fire place as rubbish, given RWE’s intention, more…

Invitation to the climbing harness liberation party, 12/18 Aachen

Dear Aktivisti!

The long wait ends! The containers in the Asservatenkammer Aachen were emptied, hundreds of confiscated objects from the maddest of all expulsios sorted and registered.

For us this means: the harness-liberation-front will become active!
We want to bring back what was taken from us – collectively!

That’s why we organize on 18.12. a harness-liberation party, wrap it up as pre-Christmas activist gifts and have plenty of cause to wildly give them back to ourselves. The time is funnily limited to 9-11 am – but that should not stop us! more…

Call for solidary process support on 18.12. in Jülich (attempt 2)

After the district court Jülich the date on Nov.27th canceled quite spontaneously, it starts on Dec. 18th at 11:15 am a second attempt. The allegations continue to be „Widerstand gegen Vollstreckungsbeamte in besonders schwerem Fall“ (§113 Abs. 2 StGB) (resistance against enforcement officers in particularly severe cases), „Nötigung“ (§240 StGB) (coercion) and for one of the two defendants additionally „Sachbeschädigung“ (damage, §303 StGB). Specifically, it is about a Hambach railway blockade (action statement and press review). more…