Some personal thoughts on police action against Crow’s Nest on Nov.22th,2018

Peace to the huts – War to the palaces
The police action on Thursday, Nov.22th,2018, to destroy all soil structures in the barrio Crow’s Nest (German Name: Krähennest) on Thursday shows once again exemplarily how mischievous are the justifications and press releases of the police and their related media.
Contrary to the claims, in Crow’s Nest there were neither barricades nor escape routes, which could have been cleared.

“Garbage and other items that do not belong in the forest”?
It is cynical to describe our kitchen and our teepee with a fire place as rubbish, given RWE’s intention, to cut the forest for “safety reasons”, despite the possibly near abandon of lignite mining.

Despite the protection of private property as proclaimed in the Basic Law (Constitution), during the eviction private property and personal property were destroyed and transported away (stolen) despite protest.

It can be documented and witnessed that at least one person has been violently prevented by the police from securing and removing personal belongings (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc.). Despite loud shouts that this was private and his property, the tent with contents was demolished and dragged through the forest to the truck by RWE minions.

The police watched and actively prevented this person from gaining their property. Instead, he was also taken away (kidnapped). Only after massive protests another tent was left standing.

Also when the kitchen was destroyed, in which recognizably personal items were stored, there was no way to secure or to take them away.

Police covered and made possible RWE’s disproportionate and unlawful actions.
It has become quite obvious that the police don’t give a fuck what happens to the allegedly protected fundamental rights and that they themselves, as “guardians of law and order”, are violating these rights.

The police action was psychological terror and intimidation. Especially during the clearing of Crow’s Nest, they themselves proved to act as stooges of RWE.

But no matter how they use disproportionate, pointless (tax-wasting) and rights-scorning measures, attempting to reduce our resistance:

– we are there – we will stay there – and we will be more and more and more!
¡NO PASARAN! They will not pass!

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