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December 19th, 2018
Vergissmeynnicht, Photos of the memorative celebration for Steffen Meyn
More photos

December 18th, 2018

13:27 The spectators of the trial “Hambach railway from 7/7/17 in Jülich” were expelled. It’s still a public trial. The press is present.

The release of climbing harnesses in Aachen
See the invitation to the celebration of the liberation of climbing harnesses: 18.12 Aachen
13:16 Gesa_Support_AC @AcGesa Yeaaaahhh!!!! We were able to release 10-15 harnesses! The effort was worth it! #besseralsweihnachten #AcGesa und #KLF feiern, #hambibleibt
12:24 Hurray, it works out. The unknown activist @UAktivistin recovered her harness! (and remained unknown) #hambigehtweiter #KlettergurtLiberationFeier #hambibleibt #hambacherforst #KlettergurtLiberationFront #hambi

December 12, 2018

Today, the hordes of NRWE were in Hambi again, to sweep the forest as Trump already recommended the Californians. We call it plundering of bikes, soil structures, etc. Convince yourself and read these tweets:
11:48 Video RWE destroying soil structures in Winkel
16:21 @unoffensive112
Whyda now renamed Waka ❤️
In Waka we saved the aku drill and a big ass teapot. Our (not well) hidden stash of fancy food and chocolate is gone. Now squatting an abandoned tent. Tools, sleeping stuff and gas stove also gone. Keep coal in the ground, keep your shit up a tree. Lesson learnt.
15:48 @ImWinkel1
After the destruction of our soil structures, we urgently need thermos, garbage bags, mattresses, dishes & cutlery, food, old pots and pans. Also encouraging visit would make us very happy.
15:07 @HambiBleibt
Ongoing Police & #RWE Coal action in #HambacherForst. Calling for Support & #Solidarity:Needing Warm Food, tarps, head lamps. Bring your own or extra cameras and smartphones to document #policebrutality.
14:57 @froehlich_mia
Everything was destroyed in Winkel. We need: Crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, tarpaulins, pallets, thermoses, camping stoves, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, food.
14:56 @tomboy64546
The secus stole three bikes from the North today in front of the cops, even when I screamed they were public property. One of them even admired the bike and said “I like it, it’s really nice. I’ll keep it.” Phone was dead, so no footage was possible.
12:50 @HambiChaos
Destruction of a tent, food and building materials at Whydah, former Gallien
12:02 @ImWinkel1: Supporters blocking RWE in Winkel =)

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