Report of the trial on 12/12 in Daun

The most important first: The law suit because of dumpster diving, on 12/12 before the Daun district court, was abandoned against 50 social services hours (to be completed at an association or society, chosen by the accused and the defense attorney).

Even before the beginning of the trial, some remarkable things happened. First of all, many people were there early on in order to accompany the trial in solidarity. So first a big thank you to all who were there. In particular, the partly long travel routes and the large age range impressed us very much. At some moment also appeared the police witness, an unsympathetic officer named Rönsch (from Kempten in Bavaria, where the real supermarket is located, which made the criminal complaint). During the investigation Rönsch already showed, related to the reproach, an unusual will to persecute. When the defense attorney greeted him warmly and introduced herself, he reacted very aggressively with the words “I do not want you to have a go at me, go back to your client again”.

After informing the witnesses and establishing the presence, the defendant initially submitted an application for an amendment for his defense lawyer. This was then actually discussed for several minutes because the judge and the meeting representative of the prosecutor’s office had concerns about whether there could not be a conflict of interest. Only after the elected defense lawyer had made it clear that she would clarify this question in case of doubt by a complaint court, the judge was finally willing to admit them. There followed the reading of the indictment.

Even before the taking of evidence, the defense lawyer asked, if anyone really has an interest in an escalating main negotiation, including the hearing of two witnesses and a possible second instance, or if this could not be set. The prosecution and the judge were open to the proposal, followed by a lengthy discussion on the question of whether the whole thing should be set after youth or adult criminal law. After agreeing on adult criminal law, the public prosecutor stated that they wanted to impose 80 social services hours. Eventually they agreed 50. The association named by the defender was accepted.

When the witnesses were asked back in and told that their statement was no longer needed due to the abandonment, a police officer visibly had to resist a rage. Alone to see this was worth the whole nonsense.

Above all, we thank all the people who were present to support the trial in solidarity. Presumably, the numerous public contributed decisively to this outcome.

Oh, sorry for the late upload. The report was actually already finished the next day of the trial, but something went wrong during the upload. Thanks to those who pointed out that there is no process report.

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