If you necessarily need a date for the coal exit: – Now!

This post was written shortly before the commission mentioned below published its results. As you may see, it is still very actual!
Opinions and thoughts of a group of people from the forest about the upcoming end of the commission on growth, structural change and employment

This commission is also known as coal-commission. This term is often been used in the public to create a false presentation. The exit of coal is just one of many topics, which is also just being discussed under “economical aspects”. Also the commission is talking about how to follow the aims for climate protection and the reduction of the CO2-emissions. For us it’s a mystery, how they want to reduce emissions, since they are actually talking about growth.
An extra point they are talking about is the “financial”. We are asking ourselves: “If we wouldn’t have enough money, would we not be able to stop climate change, would we have to give up our life on earth?”

All in all it is quite obvious, that industrial interests are very high in this commission and that, because of that, the commission made their decisions on a capitalistic base. Such thoughts are often connected with profit, greed and power. In our point of view such thoughts should have no space in a discussion about the safety of our world.
We don’t believe in the proposals and decisions the commission is going to make in the next couple of days. Because it is just going to be proposals. The politics will have to decide, and they will just do that in combination to the economy and we all know how far that brought us.

We could start now to bring proposals for the coal exit, as well. But we know that this would not be enough to stop climate change, and the government wouldn’t bother anyways. We rather speak out to all the people of the earth, to take over responsibility and start with yourselves!
What is holding us off from fighting the climate change ourselves are our capitalistic structures in the society. They brought us to this point, so it’s quite realistic that it’s also a reason for the damage. We need to destroy and remove these structures and start to try out other ways of living, start to create spaces where we can live them.
Immediately we thought of topics like saving resources and energy. Topics people hear of often but it seems that they don’t know where or how to start. It’s simply so many things that they include. Clothes, food, construction material and water. All goods and resources that are brought in big amounts into our civilisation. Maybe start asking yourselves: “Do i actually need all this?” Just to have less, doesn’t mean that you are less happy! This is also just a thought of capitalism and a thought where all of us can start to be part of the change. A change that abolishes exploitation and waste of resources and is questioning capitalistic values.
And what is with a decentralized energy network? With solidaric agriculture, food sharing, fair trade and free- or second-hand-shops? All of us can be active and create change by that. Against climate change and for a change in society we all need to stand for and start moving!

We need to see, that the capitalistic logic is not getting us further, it was an experiment we all went through, but which is making clear everywhere that it failed. Either we start to change us or the world will change itself – without us!
And even if the coal exit is being made official, it’s just a little step of a lot we have to do.
A step where they want to find a date for now. Do you really want to say when you want to make this little step of a lot?
We have the opinion, that if it’s necessary, the only good answer would be: “Now!”.

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