Solidarity with #freeeule: stencils and infos on the case

On Sunday, February 24th, 2019, a solidarity demo for imprisoned Hambi activist Eule (“Owl”) took place in front of the prison (JVA) Cologne-Ossendorf. A large group of people in owl and fox masks loudly protested the sentence to 9 months of custody. We hope for continuing demos and antirepression for Eule. Below this article, you find three cool self-made stencils that can be printed out and cut out of plastic or cardboard and used by all!

Eule was violently evicted from a hammock on september 26th 2018, during the evictions in Hambach forest (NRW, Germany), pressed on the ground by several cops and got hands and feet tied. When the cops stood up, Eule allegedly tried to kick a standing cop in the face and missed them. Eule, with injuries themselves, was arrested denying ID and has been in pre-trial jail ever since with the accusations of “assaulting an officer” and “attempted dangerous assault”. During the public trials on February 4th and 18th of 2019, all nine cops` testimonies contradicted each other, and despite Eule’s lawyer questioning the lawfulness of the eviction and the reasoning for evicting a single hammock, judge Peter Königsfeld convicted Eule to 9 months of youth custody without probation. We are outraged by the fact that even without a consistent story, another political verdict was spoken against politcal activists. This is against all of us! Send mail to Eule, follow the case, organize solidarity and fight lignite mining, forest cutting, state and police!

For more info, see and our website. Mail Eule via: “Eule” unbekannte Person Aachen 8, JVA Köln, Rochusstraße 350, 50827 Köln.

“Absender: SSK z.H. ABC Rheinland, Salierring 37, 50677 Köln, Germany.”

“Eigentumsvorbehalt: Der Brief bleibt solange Eigentum des*der Absender*in, bis er der*dem Gefangenen persönlich ausgehändigt wurde. “Zur Habe Nahme” gilt nicht als persönliche Aushändigung im Sinne des Vorbehalts. Sollte ein Teil des Briefs nicht ausgehändigt werden, so ist dieser und nur dieser Teil unter Angabe der Gründe für die Nichtaushändigung an die*den Absender*in zurückzusenden. Der Rest ist auszuhändigen.”(

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