Record 1.5 Million Take to The Streets in Global Climate Strike

The Rising Water Levels and Melting arctic is not the only indicator of Climate Crisis so is the millions of the people around the world joining this Firday’s Global Climate Action. In over 110 Countries and over 1300 locations a global action against those in power who like in case of Trump and Coal Commission in Germany are extending and even subsidizing the madness of coal and oil with billions.
While repressing and imprisoning those taking a stand like the just released Eule, like the Indigenous Water Defenders in Standing Rock in Nebraska or like the 3 of the Lausitz23 who have been given a 3 month sentence for blocking a LEAG coal mine.  Those activists and their actions are not alone :

After 50,000 in Hambacher Forest in October, 40 thousand in Amsterdam last Saturday the records for the largest climate actions continue to be broken with now over a million and a half of students taking a part in this Friday Global Climate Strike.  Hundreds of thousand were in the streets in over 70 cities all across Germany with Hambi being on banners, signs and being screamed through throusands of lungs and megaphones.  Like activists in Hambacher Forst, Climate Camps and Ende Geleande the pissed off students are not puting up with inaction of faceless politicians who despite their own promises in Climate Summit after Climate Summit are now blatantly continuing the emissions with industry pressuring the global emitters with largest CO2 footprints per citizen: Germany, US and Canada to prop up and subsidize those klmate killers with billions instead of shuting them down.  As a result now it is longer just radical  treesitters who pick up a hammer and a shovel and make a barricade and a treehouse blocking the madness of coal and other toxic fuels in Hambacher Forst, In Apalachia, In Canada, and around the world, now it is also millions of students in the streets who demand drastic change, question the capitalist unlimited growth model, and do not put up with their very future being destroyed, monetized and stolen in front of their eyes by countless faceless politicians whose terms in office are defined by oportunism, greed and inaction and way too often also by repression and propaganda compaigns pulling the string of their corporate media extensions attempting to “address” not the threat of climate change but to
detain, arrest and criminalize those in the streets, forest and in the mines. The Trumps, Laschets, Reuls and Weisbachs,of the world are taking advantage of the crisis to not just profit but expand their powers, limit the political discourse repress and threaten the opposition and pamper and appeal to the rising tide of right wing and populist demagougery by posturing and postitioning themselves as a controling force against the leftist anarchist, autonomous, climate action not climate unstability threat.  Their comrades in the global south are much rutheless and have killed hundreds of enviromental activists and 100s of thousands of indigenous activisist and their successors will not doubt try to take advantage of the climate crisis to do the same in the global north as well.

The Coal, Oil, Gas and its state protecting repression and billions of subsidies have to stop! Millions around the world refuse to pay the price as the few continue to profit from death and destruction. As UK Student Climate Network stated: “Greta Thunberg may have been the spark, but we’re the wildfire and we’re fuelled by the necessity for action. The climate is in crisis. We will be facing ecological catastrophe and climate breakdown in the very near future if those in power don’t act urgently and radically to change our trajectory.” The acting as this global action is not just limited to politicians: See you all in the Climate Camps and the Mines during the summer of Climate Actions in the Rhineland and around the world. See you in the Stern march of Keyenberg on 23 of April, See you in Hambacher Forst Direct Action Skillshare Camp of April 14-24 and During Vegan Days of Action in the The Forest at Beginning of May.

Fridays for The Future – Global Climate Strike and Hambi Bleibt one Struggle One Fight!!

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