Eule is free!

In the afternoon of Friday, march 15th, Eule was released from the prison in Cologne-Ossendorf.

The district court of Cologne overturned her arrest warrant in the course of a complaint. According to the competent judge at the district court, an almost 6-month detention was no longer proportionate. For Eule, the lifting of the arrest warrant is not subject to any conditions.

We are very happy that Eule is finally back with us. More info will follow!

What happened before:
On September 26, 2018, in the course of the eviction of the occupation in Hambach Forest, Hambi-activist Eule was brought down from a hammock and pushed to the ground by several cops, her hands and feet bound with cable ties. Allegedly, Eule kicked with one foot to the head of a standing officer when the others loosed their grip but missed her. Eule herself was taken away, injured and charged with “assaulting a law enforcement officer” and “attempted dangerous assault”. She refused and still refuses to provide her personal data and was brought to the prison. Since then, she has been in custody.
At the trial dates on February 4th and 8th, 2019, the 9 police witnesses provided completely contradictory statements about the alleged acts. The lawyer’s criticism of the legality of the eviction operation in general and specially the eviction of a single hammock was not included in the judgment of Judge Peter Königsfeld: 9 months juvenile sentence without probation.
We are stunned that a politically motivated deterrent judgment against a political activist could be spoken, even without a uniformly invented crime story. This concerns all of us!

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