Skillsharing-Camp in Hambach Forest, April 12th – 24th

Soon it is time again, from April 12th to 24th is again Skillsharing Camp in Hambach Forest. After the last Skillshare was unfortunately not so great because of the external circumstances (comment of the then Orga: “We would better have canceled it than performing it at any price and making lame compromises with the Manheim Camp.”), this time it’s going to be a real Hambi-Skillshare as we know and love it. So forget boring life for two weeks, with main content like school, college or wage work and come over for fun, learning and networking.

As mentioned above, it will take place April 12th – 24th. In many German federal states, this is partly or completely in school holidays. To the other people should be said: Of course, you are also welcome if you actually should be in school 😉

Of course it is also allowed to be here only part of the time.

What should you bring with you?
If you have something like that, bring your tent, mattress and sleeping bag. If not, we will accommodate you anyway. Otherwise, head lamps and own cutlery have proven to be practical. What else do you need to feel fine? Oh yes, if you should have a larger quantity of food lying around, the kitchen surely will be happy.

First of all, everything that is obviously racist / sexist / homophobic / transphobic / etc has no place here. In addition, we as the organisers of the event, do not censor workshops, regardless of our personal opinion. If a workshop is not clearly within the above criteria, but we still have concerns, we reserve our right to point it out. If you want to give workshops yourself just write to

What does it cost?
Hey, let’s just say: since last fall the Hambi probably is one of the richest left-wing occupations ever. So who are we still to demand money from you? Normally, here would be a message like “but of course you can donate”. As the organisers however, we are seriously wondering if there are no other projects with more need of the money. Of course, it remains your decision.

What else could be helpful?
Currently we have not yet found a kitchen for all to cook for the camp. Of course, also food in larger quantities makes such an orga easier. People with cars who are willing to transport stuff would be great too. If you want to help out with any of these things write to us

Repression stuff
Of course it is not illegal to attend the camp or to be in the forest. In case that you (very unlikely) get stress with the police on the way to the event or something, or even if you just see something like that, then please call the legal team.

For further questions write also to

We look forward to seeing you 🙂

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