Day X proclaimed

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Since today there is a large police operation in Hambach Forest again.

In the early morning hours, the vigil was surrounded and searched, allegedly to check the conditions imposed by the assembly authority.

Then police entered the forest with 2 hundreds, together with RWE workers and security guards, according to their own statements in order to eliminate “trash and non-forest objects and to restore traffic safety”. Nothing new, they often come for such “floor clearances”, which is to destroy kitchens, toilets and other infrastructure that are located on the floor.

Today, unoccupied platforms and tree house construction sites have become the target of the action. So, after everything in the tree house villages Oaktown, Winkel, Krähennest and Lluna was destroyed or stolen, including wood from the forest, also a platform was demolished. In this action they also killed 9 trees and at least 2 people were arrested.

An alleged feces throw is used now to justify the complete eviction of the village Krähennest. They pretend that an activist had thrown fecal matter to RWE employees, causing the police to pull in the riot unit with an elevator and to cut down more trees for an access road.

Meanwhile it is clear that not only the tree house with the accused person is going to be evicted, but the whole village.

We proclaimed day X because trees were felled – outside the felling season, during the bird breeding season and despite RWE’s statement that no trees will fall in Hambach Forest by autumn 2020 – and because the first structures of the occupation are being removed. We demand the immediate stop of the police action in Hambach Forest, the immediate coal exit and the expropriation RWE!

Come numerously to the forest! Organize where you are to show that we are everywhere!

Hambi stays! Hambi bleibt! All villages stay! Alle Dörfer bleiben! System change, not climate change!

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